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Our Optician in Pszczyna

Our first Opticians, located in the beautiful old town of Pszczyna. We're just one street from the town square and its newly renovated 16th century palace. When we opened in Pszczyna we set the bar for retail businesses in the area and are quite proud to have lead the way in improving not just the decor but customer service at many retailers in the area.

This is also where we have our main production facility so if you peek through the window you may just spot our technicians in their lab coats busily making your glasses for you.Still a great place for a coffee and free WiFi access to the internet.

Optyk Rozmus Pszczyna

Ul. Rymarska 2
43-200 Pszczyna
Telephone: +48 (0) 32 447 0127
Email: Pszczyna@OptykRozmus.com