Our optician in Pszczyna in Kaufland

Our optician in Pszczyna in Kaufland supermarket is in an excellent location, very convenient for our customers. Now you can go shoping for groceries and have your eyes tested by the way. In our shop we offer a wide selection of spectacle frames that have been conveniently divided into price ranges, so that everybody can easily find something for themselves. We also offer contact lenses, contact lens solutions and a range of sunglasses. Visit our new shop!

Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday: 9.30 - 20.30
Sunday: 9.30 - 19.00

Optometrists see patients:
Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as well as every other Saturday

Optyk Rozmus - Pszczyna, ul. Broniewskiego 1a (Kaufland)

Ul. Broniewskiego 1a (Kaufland)
43-200 Pszczyna
Phone: +48 (0) 32 448 71 98
Email: Optyk@OptykRozmus.com