Sapphire Contact Lenses

Natural and yet striking shades of blue

Get Seductive and Sexy Eyes

@miss.sg_ wearing sapphire Queens trilogy Ocean Toric contact lenses for one of her amazing make-up tutorialsAs a contact lens colour, Sapphire can make you feel like you are wearing some gorgeous eye bling. They sparkle and make your eyes glow like blue diamonds. This lush shade of blue is not just a colour, it's more. It reminds us of deep seas or night skies with many stars shining. That's why this products is considered by many to be one of the most attractive contact lens colours. It's recommended for people who like to shine, and get noticed by others.

This collection of stunning lens patterns and shades is designed for people who want to enhance the depth of their eyes with a dark, almost-navy blue colour. Known by all as a precious gem that is prized for its incredible, deep colour. You will be sure to stand out from the crowd with a pair of sapphire-coloured lenses.

Do blue colour contact lenses suit my eyes well?

This particular hue of coloured contact lenses can make your iris appear like precious jewels. These products are suitable for all types of make-up and clothes, smart, casual or even costume themes. These blue hues will simply add a little magic and can be used to enhance the appearance of your eyes, regardless of whether you're on a first date or getting ready for an important business meeting.

Seeing as we have many modalities available in this lovely colour, you may want to consider purchasing monthly lenses that have a longer usage time, as blue is such a natural shade and great for many occasions. Freshlook Colorblends True Sapphire are available with monthly modalities. There are also blue lenses in our other lines that have wear times of up to 90 days!. These are great for trying a new look for a long period or just occasionally over months. If you choose contact lenses for longer periods of time, it is essential to understand what the aftercare requirements are and to stick to them. Check out our Lens Care Advice section to find all the answers and get brushed up if you have not used contacts for a while.

The Optyk Rozmus online store sells lenses from only the most trusted and proven brands in the world. All of the lenses we supply are made from the highest quality, CE and FDA-approved breathable materials. They come in a variety of power options, so even people with severe vision correction can wear them regularly and with confidence.

Are Sapphire contacts the right choice for me?

Interesting shades of blue coloured contacts are becoming much more fashionable than the standard old boring blue. These tones give your iris an attractive, deep, and beautiful look. The lenses are so beloved by many people that they are often worn every day.

The variety of shades in our collection makes it easy for anyone to find the right shade. There are even many options available for crazy contacts! In other words, those using them for costumes and cosplay, not just elegant occasions.

You'll be amazed at how much they can transform your look and we are sure you won't be disappointed!

@miss.sg_ wearing sapphire Queens trilogy Ocean Toric contact lenses for one of her amazing make-up tutorials

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