Proclear Contact Lenses

Wonderful comfort and fantastic vision correction for people with dry or sensitive eyes.

What makes Proclear contact lenses so special?

Comfortable eyes in all situations with Proclear Contact LensesProclear brand lenses are manufactured with the use of CooperVision’s proprietary PC Technology, which consists in the utilization of molecules capable of bonding with water and keeping your eyes moist and comfortable all day long. These molecules are also found in human cell membranes, so the lenses are particularly well tolerated and feel really natural on the eye.

To cover the needs of different groups of patients, CooperVision has extended the Proclear family of contact lenses to include not only standard monthly contacts, but also daily disposable ones and has made them available in various design options (spherical, toric, multifocal and multifocal toric).

The basic option is manufactured in a very wide range of powers (from -20.00 to +20.00). Plus, apart from the excellent moisture ensured by the PC Technology, they offer high oxygen permeability and amazing resistance to deposits, which keeps them fresh throughout their replacement period.

Proclear Multifocal lenses add an advanced design technology, referred to as ‘Balanced Progressive’, dividing each lens into three optic zones (one for short-sightedness, one for far-sightedness and one for perfect intermediate vision). As a result the lenses allow patients with presbyopia to avoid wearing reading glasses and enjoy the freedom they’re accustomed to. Available in powers ranging from -8.00 to +6.00 as well as in four add powers, Proclear Multifocal contact lenses are a great choice for almost anyone with presbyopia. And if your prescription is higher, you can go for Proclear Multifocal XR, which come in spherical powers of from -20.00 to +20.00 as well as in as many as seven add powers (from +1.00 to +4.00). What’s more, they are also made in a toric version, which means you can take advantage of their benefits even if you’re astigmatic!

In contrast, Proclear 1 Day contacts are daily disposable lenses, and so provide their wearers with the incomparable convenience of this immensely popular modality. Always fresh, moist and comfortable, Proclear 1 Day contact lenses are available in a broad range of powers and sold in packs of 30.

For people with presbyopia, CooperVision offers Proclear 1 Day Multifocal contact lenses, which combine effective vision correction provided by monthly contacts with the convenience and safety of daily disposables. Extremely comfortable, Proclear 1 Day Multifocal lenses are characterised by high oxygen permeability and optimal water content. As a result, you can wear them all day long without any signs of dryness or discomfort. Wear them for a while, and you’ll forget you ever needed reading glasses!

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