Neo Cosmo Contact Lenses

Beautiful fashion accessory, magnificent corrective lenses

Why buy Neo Contacts?

Beautifully vibrant Neo contact lensesThey may not be the most widely known brand of contact lenses in the world, but Neo Cosmo coloured contacts certainly give their more famous competitors a run for their money! Available in a number of astonishing designs, these lenses will help you create unforgettable looks, at the same time providing you with levels of comfort expected from the most advanced lenses currently manufactured.

Neo Cosmo lenses, developed by Neo Vision, a company with more than twenty years of experience in the field, feature numerous outstanding technologies, which make them not only beautiful but also very effective in correcting vision issues.

The designs that the Neo Vision team have created are quite original, but very natural blend with the patterns of the iris. As a result, you can change your eye colour by just a shade, and yet the change will be noticeable. Models like “Black Diamond” or “Blue Flame” are great examples here, offering intriguing looks without crossing the line between ‘normal’ and ‘crazy’. What’s more, they appear quite classy and can be worn to an elegant dinner party. Plus, they can be bought in a wide range of powers, which makes them a great choice for those who like wearing coloured contact lenses on a daily basis.

One of the most unique aspects of these fabulous coloured contact lenses is the use of the so-called sandwich engineering technology, which consists in placing the dyes creating their lovely designs between two layers of an advanced contact lens material. As a result, the coloured part is isolated from the eye, ensuring comfort and safety. The risk of irritation is reduced to a minimum, as all lens surfaces are perfectly smooth. What’s more, the technology protects the pigment and makes the lenses more durable.

Highly resistant to deposits, Neo lenses can be worn for as many as three months. You just need to clean them regularly with a standard lens care solution and store them in a sterile case, no special treatment is required for you to be able to enjoy wearing the contacts comfortably for all of the promised 90 days. Their excellent optics will never fail to provide you with the clarity of vision you expect and their high water content will ensure protection from dryness even in very unfavourable circumstances.

Our selection of Neo Cosmo lenses includes a very broad range of Neo Vision’s innovative designs, so you can find a suitable pair for practically any occasion. Take a moment and look around the category, and you’ll quickly see why so many of our customers decide to give this relatively unknown brand a try!

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