Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses

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What is a monthly contact lens?

Classic Monthly Contact Lenses provide you with the best value for moneyFor decades, millions of people have been happy to use monthly disposable contacts. They are one of the most widely prescribed and commonly used types of contact lenses in the world. They have undergone a lot of refinement over the years, and they have seen significant safety and comfort improvements.

Monthly lenses are easy to clean and disinfect. They can also be worn safely all day since there are few contraindications. You may be able to wear monthly lenses for long periods of time without having to remove them for disinfection or deposit removal so long as you choose one of the extended wear models. Hydrogels are extremely breathable and deposit resistant, which means that your eyes can stay healthy and help prevent any irritation or dryness.

Our collection of monthly lenses are produced by the worlds best brands, using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. They are suitable for patients with both near and farsightedness as well as presbyopia, keratoconus, irregular corneas and astigmatism. Monthly contacts are also the most popular option for cosmetic contacts because of the unlimited range of colours and shades that they can be bought in.

It is easy to order monthlies online. We will deliver your lenses directly to you, so there's no need to leave the comfort of your home which is great these days!. These lenses are also cheaper than buying them at an optician's shop. We have carefully selected brands from the best producers around the globe so that you can find the right product for your needs. We have it all, no matter what your personal preference or prescription needs.

It is important to follow your contact lenses prescription and consult a specialist before changing brands or powers. To ensure that you are comfortable with the brand, it is important to have it fitted by an optometrist. Unfitted contacts can cause discomfort and possibly lead to complications.

Are there contact lenses you can wear for a month?

Different modalities of contacts offer different benefits. Daily disposable contact lenses are guaranteed to be fresh each time it is used. You don't have to worry about cleaning them or storing them. Monthly contact lenses offer many benefits, but we will only touch on a few.

  • These lenses are great value for the money. A pair of them can be worn for up to 30 days per lens, with an overnight soak in a quality cleaning and disinfecting solution.
  • Some brands can even last for a whole month when work continuously. Consult your eye doctor first.
  • Modern hydrogel materials help prevent protein buildup and keep the lenses comfortable and fresh until the end. Innovative solutions are available from many brands that repel deposits and keep lenses clean.
  • These lenses can correct many eye conditions, including presbyopia, astigmatism, near and farsightedness, presbyopia, astigmatism, and other combinations. It is possible to correct a variety of eye conditions that no other type of contact lens can.
  • This collection includes prescription and plano lenses. They come in many styles and designs. Even monthly coloured contacts lenses for astigmatism are available!

We offer monthly contacts from some of the most reputable manufacturers in our online shop, including Air Optix (for example Air Optix Night & Day that can be used continuously for thirty days), Biofinity (such as Biofinity Toric, Multifocal, and Proclear), and Purevision. They come in a variety of options to correct different eye conditions. Air Optix Colors is a range of coloured monthlies that's very popular and don't forget that we have also included the wonderfully versatile ColourVue range of lenses. They all come with a good range of different powers, which allows you to change your look without having to wear glasses again.

Monthlies need to be taken care of and maintained properly in order to perform their job properly. Monthly lenses need to be cleaned and soaked in contact solution for the required time. (See the manufacturer's instructions for more information), remember you should wash your hands before touching them. A regular visit with your eye doctor is also important for proper lens care of your eyes so schedule one at least yearly.

Why buy monthly contacts online?

Monthly contacts offer excellent comfort and vision for up to four weeks due to their outstanding resistance to deposits, great wettability, and the highly breathable materials used to make them. As we mentioned before, some contacts can also be worn for an extended period of time without removing them, so they don't need much maintenance and can be worn continuously, even while you sleep.

This collection offers regular contacts as well as many other lens options, including multifocal, extended-wear, toric and multifocal lenses. Monthly contact lenses are available in our online shop for almost all eye conditions. You don't have to go to another place to find the right solution for your nearsightedness, astigmatism or presbyopia.

We only offer lenses from trusted brands that are of the highest production quality and safety. You will be pleased with the results, no matter what brand you choose.

Don't wait! Go ahead and find the right lens for you in our monthly contact lenses collection.

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