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Providing subtle and fashionable eye colour change that goes with everything.

Ireland's most stunning grey contacts

Megubun wearing grey contact lensesGrey coloured lenses are extremely versatile and natural-looking. They are very popular among our fashion-conscious customers. These lenses look great with any outfit and are versatile no matter what colour your hair or skin tone. They look great on almost all eye colours, so you don't need to worry about how it will look. They look great with every colour because of their delicate beauty and classy colour.

For those who are unsure about wearing coloured contacts, grey eye lenses are a great choice. Grey is perhaps the best option if you don't feel comfortable wearing bright colours or you worry about your eyes looking fake. These lenses are versatile and elegant, making them a perfect choice to start your contact lens journey.

You will find many shades and iris patterns in our offering, including a variety of natural-looking ones. Full coverage can be achieved with Neo Cosmo 2 Tone Grey N225, or you can begin with something more subtle like Freshlook ColorBlends Sterling Gray. Dark grey can be tried with, for example, Bigeyes Evening Grey and light grey with Queen's Oros Ash Glance or Solitaire Pearl. The category also includes lenses with addition of other colours. This allows for some very creative and elegant combinations. For those who want to get a little more sophisticated look, we have grey contacts that feature elaborate patterns. These contacts make the wearer's eyes appear like they are made of shiny metal or are encrusted in precious stones. There are many options available, and what you should go for all depends on your mood and your natural eye colour.

We offer regular, elegant grey contacts you can use as part of your makeup. However, we also offer Halloween contact lenses that are perfect for many occasions, not only Halloween. Wear Zombie Grey contacts with your undead costume to impress your friends and family.

Which should I choose?

It can be difficult to find the perfect pair of grey contact lenses. Sometimes they aren't very opaque, which could mean that your eye colour will show through. You can expect different results depending on which model you choose, but we generally can break grey lenses down into three main categories.

  1. Dark grey contacts include models such Neo Cosmo 2 Tone Grey, Big Eyes Evening Grey and Elegance Grey. They can be used to cover any eye colour and produce a visible, vibrant effect. They are best used with bright and light coloured eye makeup. This creates beautiful contrast between the eyes and the eye shadow.
  2. Medium dark products - they might blend in more with your eye colour. The ColourVue brand offers Glamour Grey as well as 3 Tone Grey as examples of such lenses. These products come in a variety of shades of grey, as well as other colours, which gives them a sophisticated and realistic look.
  3. Contact lenses in light grey - Soleko is the most popular brand for this category. Even if you have irises that are quite dark, all of these lenses will give the eyes a lovely light grey tint. You can make sure people will not be able to look away from you if you pair them with your smokey eyes or delicate everyday eye makeup.

Grey prescription contact lenses

Miss.sg_ wearing Queens Solitaire Pearl toric contacts Contact lenses for vision correction are also available in grey. Many of them come with a variety of powers that will help you see clearly at all distances. We offer products in pluses to correct farsightedness (hyperopia) as well as contacts that are grey toric for astigmatism. Some of the lenses we sell only in minuses. This is a great relief for all who have struggled with their eyesight and wanted to experience the benefits of coloured contacts.

All products available on our website are made from CE-approved, safe materials that are comfortable and breathable. Even the most bizarre lenses are characterized by high quality, reliability, and comfort. They will last and stay safe and comfortable until their very last day if they are well maintained and taken care of.

It is important to maintain your contacts' quality and cleanliness, as most are either monthly, quarterly, or even annually. You will find everything you need in our online shop to take care of your lenses. We offer both lens solutions with cases and moisturizing eye drops that will keep your eyes healthy and comfortable.

The benefits of our grey lenses

  • They are just as comfortable and safe as regular correction lenses.
  • They are elegant and classy.
  • They look great on all eyes, no matter what your natural colour.
  • The vast majority of them can correct vision, while some may even correct astigmatism.
  • They are available in a variety of colours and at attractive rates

Take a look at our collection to see what you can do with a little grey!

Megubun wearing Neo Cosmo N225
Miss.sg_ wearing Queens Solitaire Pearl toric contacts

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