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Why are Freshlook contacts so popular?

FreshLook contact lenses for an excellent changeColoured contact lenses are among the most important and popular fashion accessories, allowing their users to adjust their eye colour to match their outfits and quickly create a stunning ensemble. Alcon’s Freshlook brand is famous for providing elegantly gorgeous effects by enhancing the natural beauty of your eyes and subtly altering their colour, but it also includes lenses that can do much more than that.

As variety is the spice of life, Freshlook contact lenses are available in multiple options and grouped in several main product lines: ColorBlends, Colors, Dimensions, Illuminate and One Day, each of which is created for a different purpose and offers a unique set of advantages.

Freshlook ColorBlends lenses utilize a special 3-in-1 colour blending technology for a truly natural look. If selected well, they are really hard to spot at first sight, though your eyes may appear significantly different from what they normally look like. The number of shades is just amazing and includes such delightful variants as Honey, Amethyst, Pure Hazel True Sapphire and, one of the best selling colours, Freshlook Colorblends Sterling Gray. As comfortable as any modern contact lenses, these lenses can also correct vision and cover prescriptions ranging from -8.0 to +6.0 (though there is also a plano option for people with perfect eyesight).

Freshlook Colorblends Honey worn by @merrysynthBy comparison, Freshlook Colors provide a stronger effect and a more distinct change due to the lenses’ being more opaque. This is great news for anyone with dark eyes, who can now turn their colour from brown to blue in a matter of seconds. Similarly to Freshlook ColorBlends, these monthly coloured contact lenses are manufactured in prescription powers of from -8.0 to +6.0 as well as in a purely cosmetic version.

Freshlook Dimensions lenses are designed to provide an even more striking effect. They are available in brighter colours (Carribean Aqua, Pacific Blue, Sea Green) and can optically enlarge your eyes (thanks to a dark outer edge). With a water content of 55% and excellent breathability, Freshlook Dimensions will provide you with fantastic comfort all day long. And you can wear them on a daily basis, as they’re also made in corrective powers.

The next member of the Freshlook family, Freshlook Illuminate, is also an option for those who would like to enlarge their eyes. However, these contacts appear to be suited for more elegant occasions, as their designs seem more discreet. In addition, they take advantage of manufacturing technologies created for Dailies contact lenses, which means they are extremely comfortable and convenient.

Finally, Freshlook One Day contact lenses combine the incredible effects of Freshlook ColorBlends with the convenience, comfort and safety of the best daily disposable contact lenses on the market. Made in four most popular shades (Blue, Green, Grey and Pure Hazel), the lenses can correct short-sightedness of up to -6.00D. On the whole, they’re recommended to all people who plan to wear coloured lenses only occasionally and those who particularly value the convenience of daily disposables.

Check out our selection of Freshlook contact lenses now! We’re quite certain that you’ll fall in love with at least one of these fabulous designs!

Freshlook Colorblends Honey worn by @merrysynth

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