Wuhan Coronavirus - COVID-19 FAQ

With this much uncertainty, we thought we should clarify what proactive steps we are taking as a company, how we plan to operate moving forward and whether your orders will be affected.

Staff - We're all healthy and back to work.

Customer Service - Back to normal.

Shipping - All courier services are operating normally but with some delays in customs clearance in the USA. Some operations of our national carrier are still suspended, but we expect them to restart soon.

Stock - we have a well-stocked warehouse and replenishment stock is still arriving normally. If this situation changes and your order is effected we will contact you. Choosing an alternative or a full refund will be available to anyone at any time.

Packing - all orders are packed in a clean environment and staff are taking extra precautions at this time.

Information - We will update you if anything happens that affects our ability to process or ship your order.

General Situation - We operate from Poland in the EU. At the time of writing this, Poland is coming out of lockdown and almost all services are returning to normal.

Stay safe everyone and look after yourselves and each other especially those people in the community that are still at risk.

This page was updated on the 15th of June 2020.