Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Wear a new, fresh pair of contact lenses every day, No worrying about cleaning

Daily Contact Lenses

Life is to be enjoyed with Daily contact lensesEyes, just like any other human organ, are susceptible to illnesses, defects and genetically related problems. To resolve eye problems, most people will eventually decide to wear glasses as they have always been the most popular and traditional means of corrective eye treatment. The current trend, however, shows that contact lenses are becoming more popular, gradually occupying more and more space in the eye care market. Because of this fact, the most popular contacts are dailies or daily disposables. Optyk Rozmus included a wide range of this type of contact lens on its shelves. These can be used for a day and thrown away in the evening or vice versa, as the occasion demands!

There are several types of daily disposable contacts

There are monthly contact lenses that can be worn for a month and then disposed of at the end of it. Then there are weekly contact lenses, which are worn for a week and then thrown away. The most popular type of lens at Optyk Rozmus and preferred by many customers are daily lenses. Daily contacts are usually inserted in the morning right after waking up and taken out in the evening before going to bed, although the pattern can be changed depending on the occasion. Because of the fact that lenses are fresh every day, you can enjoy crystal clear vision throughout the whole day. It is also associated with a smaller risk of eye irritation or dryness. Furthermore, users of daily disposable contact lenses are free from the hassle of cleaning and maintaining them every day. It is also quite comforting, that you can fall asleep knowing that there is a fresh pair of lenses prepared for you tomorrow.

As a leading contact lens retailer, we know people’s preferences and strive to make sure that the daily contact lenses we offer represent the best in quality and price. Moreover, if you take into consideration the costs associated with lens solutions and other accessories needed for lens maintenance and care, an option to use a fresh pair of lenses every day becomes even more attractive.

Daily contact lens health and safety

Regardless of the reason why you decided to use daily disposable contact lenses, your health and safety should be the most important. Daily contacts are available in a variety of options, many of which are designed using light, thin materials and technologies that provide the highest amount of safety and care, like moisturizing agents and breathable materials. This way, they provide a feeling of comfort and safety, even to new wearers, who quickly get used to using them. Regular lenses that can be worn for several days or weeks are exposed to a lot of protein and deposit build-up, which may significantly worsen clarity – if not being properly taken care of. Daily disposable contact lenses, however, are free from those drawbacks – they are always new, fresh and dependable.

At Optyk Rozmus we bring you lenses from the most recognizable and prominent manufacturers from all over the world, like: Acuvue, Dailies and Freshlook. All those brands are known for their reliability, high-quality materials and eye care.

So before you decide to buy daily contact lenses from your regular ophthalmologist or eye care professional, have a look at our prices as we are capable of providing you with the same quality for a much lower price. Our shop can also help you save time as your order will be delivered right to your door, so there’s no need to get out of bed just to buy your lenses.

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