Eye Drops and Contact Lens Cleaning Solutions

Nearly all types of contact lenses require care and maintenance. In order to keep contacts clean and safe, cleaning and disinfecting solutions need to be used. Their job is to keep contact lenses free from deposits and dirt and make your vision crisp and fresh. By soaking your contact lenses in cleaning solution, you let it disinfect them and kill all the bacteria and micro organisms that might be growing on them.

Optyk Rozmus offers a wide selection of contact lens cleaning and disinfecting solutions from the best manufacturers. They are all well known, tested and reliable products available in different sizes, also convenient travel safe bottles. All of our solutions are multipurpose, which means that they can be used for everything - cleaning, rinsing and soaking your contact lenses in them.

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Something for dry eyes

If you have problems with dry eyes, take a look at our eye drops selection. We provide eye drops both for contact lens users and people who simply need eye moisturizing. They can become very handy in air conditioned or polluted environment, where the risk of eye dryness is very high.

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