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Why do people prefer brown contact lens?

Gorgeous brown contacts worn by @merrysynthBrown, in all of it's glorious shades, is one of the most sought-after colours from our color collections. These lenses can mask your natural iris colour, making your eyes look more vibrant and richer. If you are dark-eyed and want to brighten your eyes, our light brown contact lenses are a great choice. Different designs will produce different results depending on what light you are using and your natural colour. For the different effects they produce, many people choose different shades. It's worthwhile that you try several before you make a decision. Some of our customers have different models for different occasions, it's up to you.

We have carefully selected and tested a variety of brown contacts. The patterns of many of them are natural and can be worn with most outfits. Our brown contact lenses come in corrective prescription powers, which means that you can use them every day like any monthly or quarterly disposable lens. You will find them as comfortable as regular contact lenses, and they provide your corneas with enough oxygen and moisture to feel good for long periods of wear. There are many brands of contact lenses that fall under this collection, including Air Optix, Freshlook, ColourVue, and Soleko Queens. All these lenses have been tested and enjoyed happily by millions of users all over the globe. They can be worn as monthly contacts or quarterly contacts, depending on the product line.

The models featured in this collection come in many tints and have some funky patterns to add interest or a better blend. Some are intended for special occasions, such as comic-con conventions, a pair can be worn with a groovy outfit to draw a reaction from friends.

Which brown contacts do you prefer?

Our brown-coloured contact lenses can be used with any makeup. Pair some honey-coloured lenses with violet or green eyes shadow and you'll shine brightly wherever you go. Hazel contacts can be paired with blue or grey eyeshadow to give your eyes a striking appearance. All brown contacts look fantastic with vibrant makeup. It's amazing how versatile they are and you might be surprised at how often you want to use them.

Brown contacts work for nearly everyone. If you already have brown eyes, brown circle lenses can enhance your natural eye colour. However, those with blue eyes or green eyes can make them brown easily by using the more solidly opaque brown contact lenses in our collection. The majority of brown lenses we sell are opaque enough that they will cover almost every iris.

If you're unsure of which lenses to choose you can refer to our subjective grouping for brown lenses that are based on their effect.

  • Opaque lenses – these are best for artistic makeup and cosplay. They can also be used professionally during photo shoots or theatrical performances. You can find such lenses in the Neo Cosmo and Big Eyes series as we as among the brown models.
  • Blending in – If you desire a natural look, try these contacts. The lens' pigment blends with your eye colour. These contacts do not provide 100% coverage. They will blend their tint with your iris. Models available are Freshlook ColorBlends Brown, Air Optix Colors Brown and Pure Hazel.
  • Brown eye brighteners. If you are looking for something to lighten your dark brown eyes, then consider our light brown contacts, such as Queens Trilogy Amber and Choco or Cheerful Foamy Beige or Woody Brown. These contacts will modify the intensity of your eye colour in a realistic, delicate way.
  • Lenses for changing your natural eye colour - these lenses are ideal for anyone who wants to brown their eyes naturally and without any invasive methods. This group includes Queens Oros & Trilogy as well as Freshlook Colors and ColourVue Elegance.
  • Costume contacts in crazy patterns are intended for special occasions. They are slightly underrepresented, but can be found at our website in the Halloween contacts section.

You'll love how you look with dark brown eyes if you try a few of our store. Get yours now!

@merrysynth wearing Freshlook ColorBlends, Brown

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