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What are black contact lenses used for?

MerrySynth wearing black contact lensesBlack contact lenses can be a wonderful choice if your goal is to add depth or mystery to your eyes.

Contrary to popular belief, this category does not only offer plain black lenses. Many models in this category mix black with unusual colours such as yellow and shades of red. The result is unique and captivating. Others are semi-transparent and blend well with the eye colour.

The presented products can be used both for daily wear and special events. Let's take for example Blackout contact lenses or Big Eyes Dolly Black. Although they have different patterns depending on the context, both can be used to make you stand apart or blend in. Blackout models cover your iris with a black-coloured, opaque colour. Big Eyes Dolly Black uses an iris pattern that blends in with your natural eye colour to create a more natural look.

Many styles in our collection have realistic iris patterns and mixed shades of grey to give the appearance of natural eyes. These glasses are great for people who have prescription lenses. Neo Cosmo circle lenses are the best example here. These gorgeous beauties will give your eye a more defined appearance, which in turn will make them look younger and more youthful. Your appearance will appear healthier and younger due to the contrast between your eyes' iris and the sclera. The popularity of circle lenses is due to their dark outer edges that bring out the beauty of their users' eyes. If you want to try a classic and renowned example of this type of contacts, order a pair of Freshlook Illuminate Jet Black. Many people around the world have enjoyed their simplicity and great range of power.

Complete your costume with full black contact lenses

However, there are other models of black contacts that are made for special occasions. The impression they create is far from natural. You can find a wide range of lenses with crazy colours, as well as other products. You will be noticed at any party by their striking designs.

Black Titan is a very popular model for funky-looking black mini sclera lenses. It falls under the category of mini sclera contacts lenses. These lenses are large at 17 mm and look great with all kinds of makeup. Not only are we talking about Halloween style, but any artistic or everyday makeup can be created with these products, especially if you love gothic fashion.

Sabretooth, another model of contact lenses in this category, is highly sought after. These black sclera contacts have a large, 22 mm diameter covering not only your iris but also the white part of your eye (sclera). The dramatic transformations achieved by these lenses are quite impressive and well-loved by all who use them. Because they are plain black, they can be worn with any number of looks, including those featuring aliens, zombies and sea creatures. These lenses are a huge hit with sclera users.

Can you see with prescription black contacts?

The majority of models in this category have corrective powers between -1.0 and -6.0. This means that you don't have to choose whether you want to look good or improve your vision. Just select your prescription in the drop-down menu. You will have crisp vision and great style.

Black contact lenses offer many benefits

  • They're versatile and can go with any makeup or costume
  • They add an individual look to your eyes
  • Some of these create an eye enlargement, or kawaii look.
  • They come in different sizes to provide different effects
  • Many of them come with corrective powers.
  • They're as safe and as comfortable as regular contacts.

Because most of our black contacts are monthly disposable and last from three months to a year, it is important to get a bottle of solution. Zero power models are generally disposable at six-monthly intervals. This means that they must be kept in a safe place and should be cleaned frequently.

To ensure proper lens care and usage, contact lens fitting must be done by an eye care specialist. Keep your contact lens prescription handy to help you choose the right product.

MerrySynth wearing Neo Cosmo Black Cat N018 contacts

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