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The first brand to introduce contact lenses into the commercial market.

Bausch & Lomb contacts

Biotrue ONEDay Contact Lenses from Bausch & LombBL soft contact lenses were first introduced into the US market over 20 years ago and remain one of the more innovative and respected brands within their field. Notable for its pioneering role, the company also manufactures optical equipment, medical devices and pharmaceutical products such as eye drops.

At our shop, we carry all Bausch&Lomb lenses currently available on the market and the comprehensive portfolio of lens care products from this brand. Soflens contact lenses have become iconic since being released back in the early 70s; since then they've undergone significant modifications that make them even more comfortable while effectively correcting visual impairments such as astigmatism. Furthermore, daily disposable versions have also gained immense popularity over time.

PureVision and BioTrue were introduced later, yet are quickly becoming the preferred lenses among eye care professionals and lens wearers alike. PureVision lenses offer effective correction across a wide spectrum of refractive errors ranging from hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia; plus some products from this line are specifically tailored for continuous wear (even during sleep time), making them suitable for people seeking comfort or who have to wear their lenses for extended periods of time.

BioTrue ONEDay lenses are constructed of an innovative material known as HyperGel(tm). This unique material features an inner lipid layer similar to human tear film for incredible comfort and moisture retention; as an additional bonus they have approximately the same corneal hydration levels at 78% making these lenses easy and comfortable for daily wear - you might even forget you are even wearing them at times! These two factors combine for ideal wearability allowing users to forget they are even wearing lenses at all.

Bausch&Lomb Solutions

At our shop you will not only find Bausch+Lomb lenses but also an extensive collection of lens care products from this brand. BioTrue lens solution was developed with technology derived from nature and eye physiology for maximum compatibility with natural tear films - specifically sodium hyaluronate which naturally occurs in tears as part of its formula to ensure an exact ph-level match to human tears.

Renu Multiplus solution boasts superior effectiveness at clearing away debris and protein deposits while simultaneously offering optimal lens hydration and comfort. Although suitable for all lens types, Renu Multiplus is most widely recommended as an eyecare product suitable for monthly and three-month lens wearers.

Bausch & Lomb also manufactures eye drops called Renu Multiplus that contain polyvinylpyrrolidone (also known as povidone) to protect cornea and keep eyes feeling comfortable all day. With expiration time one month after opening the bottle these eyedrops may also be used with soft contact lenses for optimal use.

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