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No matter how many hours you work, Air Optix Contact Lenses are up to the jobThe eyes require oxygen just like the rest of our bodies. This was a problem with traditional contact lenses. They let very little air through onto the cornea. This led to irritation, swelling and even worse effects after prolonged lens use. The invention of silicone hydrogel lenses, in 1999, was a significant step in the right direction and evolution of contact lenses.

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The contact lens' breathability was increased by five times with the introduction of hydrogels. However, the silicone made it more hydrophobic (resistant to water) and the lens more breathable. Alcon, the contact lens manufacturer of AIR OPTIX solved this problem by using a unique surface treatment technology, and incorporating innovative materials into their products. This made the lenses extremely comfortable. Air Optix lenses are comfortable and don't cause eye dryness. The lenses are also deposit-resistant, so they don't lose their crispness of vision for long periods of time. The lenses can be used continuously, so the clarity of vision remains exceptional.

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With so many options, Air Optix have something for every patient seeking exceptionally quality and comfort.

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