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Optyk Rozmus Clinic Opening Partners and StaffThe history of Optyk Rozmus starts in 2006 when a small group of friendly opticians and eye doctors (otherwise known as ophthalmologists) opened one of the first eye clinics in Silesia, a southern region of Poland. It became one of the most modern and professionally equipped facilities in our country. Optyk Rozmus secured a European Union grant opportunity directed toward innovation and technologically advanced projects. We used the subsidy for highly specialised spectacle lens grinding and milling machinery.

Family Opticians and Online Store

After the clinic's success, we opened two more shops in the Silesian region and hired more staff. This included a customer service team as well as opticians and other dedicated eye care professionals. We also created a new department which was responsible for building a contact lens online shop, which, at that time was one of the first of its kind in Poland. We started off selling not only the most popular contacts such as Air Optix and Acuvue but also some lesser known but very high quality brands such as Adria, ColourVue and Neo Cosmo. We gradually broadened our offer and soon developed into a separate business. So in 2011 Optyk Rozmus Eye Care became an individual company with its own warehouse and employees. Still a family business employing local people.

Wide Selection of Good Quality Contact Lenses

Optometric WorkstationThe knowledge and expertise gained throughout our history has allowed us to curate a selection of products aimed specifically at customers needing reliable, safe, hight quality vision correction in a contact lens form. Our offer includes regular contacts for correcting near and farsightedness as well as more advanced toric, multifocal and even progressive lenses. We make sure to carefully expand our selection every year and include only the best of the new and innovative products out there.

Apart from strictly medical corrective lenses we also offer approved cosmetic contacts, carefully selected for safety, whose sole purpose is to alter ones appearance. This aspect of our business is popular with the Cosplay community and much loved by our staff so we put a lot of heart and care into it.

When introducing new products, we always make sure that they represent the best quality and have all the required certificates. All of our products are made of FDA and CE approved materials. They also need to conform to our own very high standards - we try everything in house before offering it for sale. There are many products we don't sell for this very reason. We NEVER sell counterfeits or repackaged products.

Safety and Security

We care about your eye health and safety and that's why besides our top quality contact lenses we also offer cleaning solutions and contact lens friendly eye drops, which help to keep your lenses problem free and your eyes in great shape. Our specialized staff are always there to help so if you have any questions regarding safe contact lens use and care please get in touch.

You can also visit our Advice and articles section full of useful information about lens wear and care as well as eye health in general. It is edited by an experienced optometrist and dispensing optician, assuring its quality and reliability. To learn more about our on-staff expert, visit our Medical Editor page.

This is an important one, we highly recommend visiting your local optician or eye doctor before your first purchase in order to learn about contact lenses, their care and maintenance as well as good eye care practices. If you live in USA, you need to visit an eye care specialist and obtain a contact lens prescription before placing your first order. That assures your eyes' safety and good condition before use.

Speaking of safety, we have also made sure that our website conforms to the best possible security standards. All of your communication with us via our website is completely secure thanks to the advanced encryption technology applied to our site by our expert developers. Your payment is processed by PCI DSS compliant providers who also make sure that all of your credit card details stay safe and secure at all times.

Why choose Optyk Rozmus

  • Our staff have the medical knowledge and expertise from years of practice to provide the best service and advice regarding contact lenses and eye care.
  • Our website is completely secure - it has been rated A by Qualys SSL Labs, which means that your personal details are safely encrypted at all stages of your ordering process. The scan takes a few minutes but you can test us yourself by clicking here.
  • PayU and tPay who provide payment processing for us also conform to the most strict security policies. They are all PCI DSS compliant so you can be sure that your details are safe with them. For more information go to our Security Policy and Privacy Policy.
  • Our customer service team works hard to be proactive - we aim to contact you at all stages of your ordering process and provide support regarding any issues you might encounter. If you have additional questions, there are various ways you can contact us practically 24/7. Visit our Contact Us page for more details.
  • Optyk Rozmus offers only high quality products from the best manufacturers. In our lens selection you will find the most renowned brands as well as some more niche ones - they are all made according to the most stringent quality standards and with materials which are certified and approved by all world health agencies.
  • The products we have on offer are all competitively priced - we only sell the highest quality contact lenses and care accessories but we do our best to ensure that they are all affordable and so provide the best value for money.
  • We can offer low cost shipping due to the fact most of our products are quite light weight. So we price our shipping depending on the weight of your parcel. You will never be overcharged by a fixed price shipping rate.
  • You will find new and exciting products appearing regularly and can be sure we have tried them extensively in the field before offering them on-line.
Optyk Rozmus Clinic - Centrum Okulistyczne Pszczyna
Optyk Rozmus Clinic - Centrum Okulistyczne Pszczyna
Optyk Rozmus Clinic Opening - Founding Partners, Partners and Original Staff
Optometric Workstation

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