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What are sclera contacts for?

Kettuprinssi wearing Apocalypse sclera contact lensesScleral contact lenses are the perfect choice for costumes that require a dramatic look or to make an impression on others. The extra-large diameter of 22mm allows them to cover all of your eyes and make you appear totally inhuman. Initially used by professionals in the film industry, and during photo sessions, full-eye contacts are now available for anyone who is able and willing to go through a transformation, although it only takes at most a few minutes.

You can dramatically alter your appearance with their large size and terrifying design, regardless of what your costume is. You don't need to worry about the rest of your makeup with such an extreme accessory. Your large contacts will be enough. If you're a professional makeup artist who wants to put the finishing touches on your creations, this is what you need.

22 mm contacts are especially popular for Halloween because they can lift any costume. You can be certain that others will be shocked and amazed by the impression you make during events. These products are not only suitable for Halloween. Professional makeup artists, as well as cosplayers, make use of this collection of products on a regular basis. It's difficult to imagine Kaneki Ken without a pair Tokyo Ghoul contact lens. This is the black and red version of full-eye contacts. These lenses might be attractive to people who like alternative fashion and gothic subcultures. They may not really suited for everyday wear, but they are very useful at events and for shooting scary photos.

Are sclera contacts safe and comfortable?

It may be difficult to apply large contact lenses at first. However, with some practice and some YouTube videos, you should be able to do it quickly. Because they are slightly less flexible than regular contacts, it is easier to slide them under your lids without them rolling or folding. 22mm contact lenses can be easily fitted correctly and are extremely comfortable at that point. They are made with the same materials as regular corrective lenses and have the same curvature as other contacts. They will only take a few minutes to adjust to how they feel on your eye. You may need to use contact lens friendly eye drops if it is difficult to insert them. But once you get used to the effect, you will see that they are well worth the effort. They will provide a lasting impression and can be worn for several hours during your night out.

To ensure that your XXL lenses stay clean and fresh for as long possible, make sure you keep them in the special XXL Lens Case. Super large contact lenses require special care and hygiene. It is important to remember to change the solution and to thoroughly clean them after every use.

How long can you wear sclera contact lenses?

We recommend that you limit the time you use full sclera lenses to no more than about 14hrs a day. Lens friendly eye drops are recommended to be kept on hand. They can be used in conjunction with your contacts to maintain that fresh, moist feeling. You can also remove your lens and put some drops in your eyes before you reattach them. This is particularly helpful if you've had a long day.

A small container of solution and your lens case are important to have with you when you go out on a big night, especially if it is your first time using the lenses. It is important to have a solution close at hand so you can easily remove them from any irritation that may occur in a smokey or dusty environment. It is frustrating to have to remove lenses only to find no place to store them.

Which design do you prefer?

You will find many designs and colours among our extra-large full eye sclera lenses, which can be worn with different outfits and occasions. The following is a simplified listing of the designs that are available:

  • Plain colour 22mm lenses - This category includes models such Sabertooth (black), Athena Blue(blue), Cyclop and Cynosure. Because of their simple, bright design, they can be used with multiple makeups and costumes.
  • Two-coloured lenses are those that combine a coloured area with a black background or ring. Gremlin is the most well-known model of this type of scleras. If you are a fan of Tokyo Ghoul or the Saw film franchise, you may want to give it a try. Angel Dust (black & white) and Medusa, (white & yellow) are other models with similar patterns.
  • Animal-themed full-eye contacts - Inspired by the eyes of many animals, these contact lenses can transform you into lizards and dragons. Shadowcat, Reptilla & Dragonfly are the top-selling models in this category.
  • Scleras can create an appearance of a diseased look. This is ideal for creating the illusion of extreme tiredness or an eye injury. These lenses can be used to create SFX (special effect makeup), zombie costumes, and other scary makeovers. Quasar is one example. Contagion, Kurse, and many others are available.
  • Lenses that give off an inhuman impression. Large diameter contacts in dazzling colours. These contacts can be used to turn into an alien, demon, or other creature. This lot includes models such as Sunpyre and Thanos contact lenses.

Optyk Rozmus offers the complete range of sclera lens options, so no matter which one you choose, your whole outfit will be elevated to a new level with these 22mm lenses.

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