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What are mini sclera contacts?

Black Titan Mini Sclera contactsMini Sclera lenses offer an alternative to regular-sized Halloween contacts. These lenses have a wonderful compromise of comfort, simplicity of use and great visual effect. They can give you an amazing look thanks to their 17mm diameter. Mini sclera crazy contact lens will make your eyes appear larger and attract more attention. You will leave an indelible impression because of the unusual designs.

These colours and designs include bloody, which can be used for a vamp or alien costume, and spooky, which can be useful for your zombie outfit. We also have our most popular design Black Titan, which is plain black. These lenses are very versatile and many people have chosen them as a finishing element for their Halloween costumes. These are often used in combination with artistic makeup. These black mini sclera's are a big favorite among fans of alternative or goth fashion.

We also have Mini sclera lenses that come in other colours like green, blue, red, white and yellow. These lenses can be used for a variety of occasions and costumes. These products are used worldwide by professionals for the eyes iris enhancement effect. Each of these designs is unique and will not be quickly forgotten. The designs in our collection are so unique that you will wish you had used them before as people won't be able to take your eyes off of you.

Although these contacts look huge, they are easy to manipulate. They can be removed and inserted just as easily as regular contacts with some practice. It is a good idea to start with 17mm contacts if your goal is to eventually try full eye sclera lenses. This is a step in the right direction, but it can be difficult to master if you have never used contacts before. Mini sclera lenses have the same FDA and CE approved materials that are clinically tested and have the same qualities as regular contact lenses. This provides safety and comfort even when worn for hours at a time. You can shock your friends again and again with a single pair if they are maintained correctly when not in use.

Due to the special manufacturing technology of 17mm contacts, they are only available as plano lenses (zero power). If you need vision correction, consider our standard-sized crazy lenses. Make sure you have a container of contact lens cleaning solution handy for keeping your contacts clean and safe. While the standard lens case can hold 17mm lenses comfortably, some people prefer to keep them in a full sclera-style lens case. You can order one of those on our website.

Who wears mini sclera contacts?

Mini scleral contact lenses are a great option if standard size crazy contacts don't work well enough for the look you are going for or if you find full sclera lenses a bit intimidating. Because they are slightly smaller in diameter, they can give a striking appearance similar to full scleral lenses. However, they are easier to install in your eyes.

17mm contacts are great for cosplay parties and special events because of their unique designs. You will certainly find something that suits your costume from our collection of bizarre designs. You can quickly transform into an anime character, vampire, zombie or other creature by wearing them.

Think of all the costumes that could be created with our assortment of 17mm contact lenses. Zombies are an easy choice. The mini sclera contacts for Venus and Deadpool (17mm) are perfect for this theme. Daredevil is a red model that will transform you into a convincing Dracula. With a bit of imagination, you will find that you can use our many designs and colours with any theme. The Green Goblin has its captivating green circles. The versatile Tigera design has a yellow centre with black edges. Nebulos, Ravenous and Ravenous are similar designs that will make your pupils appear super dilated. Black Titan, the most widely used 17mm lens, is also a simple yet popular option. These extra-large, black contacts can be used for so many purposes that it's almost futile to attempt to list them all. Plain black contacts can enhance rather than overpower your appearance. Many cosplayers, goths and makeup artists love to wear them.

How comfortable are 17mm contacts lenses?

Mini sclera contact lenses are almost as comfortable as regular colour lenses. Because they are made from sophisticated, breathable and wettable materials, mini sclera contact lenses don't feel uncomfortable as you may imagine even when compared to regular sized siblings. They also provide plenty of oxygen permeability to your eyes, which is important when you're having a lot of fun and don't want to be irritated by them. They are only currently available in plano (zero-power) so you may need to wear glasses if you have myopia or require any other type of significant vision correction. It is much easier to fit 17mm lenses than 22mm scleras. Once inserted, they feel like regular contacts and you can reuse them many times. They can be kept for up to a year if you take care of them as we have mentioned before. Keep them clean, care for them before and after each use. Also, make sure they are stored in a fresh solution for contact lenses when not in use and they will last for many months.

Why buy mini sclera contact lenses?

Mini Sclera Lenses (17mm) are the perfect choice if you are looking for something larger than a regular circular or big eyes lenses, which are usually 15mm, but smaller than scleral lenses which are typically 22mm.

They have an incredible effect on the eye and can be used to enhance any costume. If you want to be sporting more of a gothic look, mini Sclera lenses can be worn daily. You will be definitely be noticed.

You can wear them multiple times, provided you maintain good hygiene and care.

Get yourself some today! They are just what you costume needs to stand out.

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