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Awesome creepy designs for your Walking Dead costume

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Why would people want to buy Zombie contact lenses?

@makinghell wearing white screen zombie contact lensesIncredible Zombie movies can be traced back to 1932, when Victor Halperin's motion picture "White Zombie" was released. The genre has evolved and changed over the years. You can now find a show about zombies made by almost every TV station. This is great news for us fans! They not only appear in feature films, but they also visit us weekly on popular TV shows like "The Walking Dead", "Ash vs Evil Dead" (our favourite), or "Z Nation". They are also very popular in anime, with "Seoul Station" being one example. "Highschool of the Dead", is another. It is not surprising that zombie contact lenses are a popular Halloween item. One of the best ideas for Halloween costumes is to use undead creatures. After all, what could be more frightening than someone who has died and yet still lives?

You should be ready for some serious makeup work if you choose to make a "living dead" theme outfit for Halloween or other costume events. You can achieve the "living dead" look with fake blood or silicon skin. Your hair should look dirty and just "out-of-the-grave", and your clothes should be unkempt and ratty. In all, it's quite a lot of work but certainly achievable by just about anyone. However, your eyes are an easy task. You only need a pair of contacts to get started.

The contact lenses in this collection were created to bring your zombie outfit to life. To create a terrifying effect, you can choose from either bloody or creepily-white options. For disturbing effects, we have seen that people often combine different designs of lenses for the left and right eye. There are many options for colours including yellow, and we even have contacts in light pink that can be worn with your "zombae". Any design in this collection can be combined successfully with the right accessories and makeup for a stunning result.

This section includes standard-sized contact lenses as well as larger diameter lenses. They can completely cover your eyes, creating a nightmarish effect that is impossible to replicate in any other way. Although they may be difficult to insert at first, they are well worth it! If you aren't comfortable with full-sclera contact lenses, you can try smaller sclera lenses in a 17mm size. These are just as easy to insert and handle as regular contacts but will make a significant difference in your appearance. They are perfect for any "walking dead" outfit that you may be wearing, because of the variety of colours and designs they have.

Are zombie contacts safe?

Unlike Amazon, we are actually an optician and have expertise in these products that goes far beyond what you will normally find from online shops. So you have some to the right place for safe, authentic and very comfortable contact lenses.

You will be pleased to know that many of our prescription zombie contacts have corrective powers that range from 0 to -6D and are completely safe to use once you have mastered the art of putting them in, taking them out and caring for them when not in use.

All of the products on our site including these fantastic lenses are medical devices and as such are highly regulated and must comply with the strictest of safety standards. Of course to make the best of these products you must care for them properly and store them in a special lens cleaning solution when not wearing them.

Have a look around our store, search if you have something specific in mind and get yourself one of our crazy zombie contact lenses to help you become the creature that you always wanted to be.

@makinghell wearing white screen zombie contact lenses

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