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Custom made for you, beautiful Italian design.

What's special about Soleko lenses?

Add a little romance with Soleko contact lensesMaking high quality contacts since the 1970s, Soleko is known among experts as one of the most innovative and reliable companies on the market. Their products are developed in collaboration with the most prestigious universities (not only Italian ones), as a result of which, for instance, Soleko has become the first company in the world to use plant stem cells in lenses and solutions. What’s more, this Italian manufacturer is ISO 9001, EN 46001 and ISO 13485 certified, which assures consistently high quality.

Apart from lenses and lens care solutions, Soleko also develops and manufactures intraocular lenses, which require the highest possible quality standards and are strictly regulated by government agencies to ensure their safety.

At the Optyk Rozmus online shop, you can find three popular lines of Soleko coloured lenses: Queens Trilogy, Queens Oros and Queens Solitaire. Contact lenses from each of them have a distinctive, beautiful design and are available in corrective powers to allow you to wear them on a regular basis. Many of even have toric versions, perfect for patients suffering from astigmatism, who often find it difficult to purchase appropriately fitting coloured toric lenses.

Queens Solitaire are 3 monthly contacts with 38% water content and a brilliant design, providing a uniquely subtle effect. They’re manufactured in eight stunning shades (Aqua, Jade, Light Blue, Light Green, Pearl, Spice, Violet and Yellow), which fantastically blend with different eye colours and skin tones. As Soleko suggests, each individual colour is lightly nuanced to reproduce the natural gradation of the iris, creating a deeply natural look.

In contrast, Queens Trilogy are replaced monthly and their design (produced with the use of an innovative, three-layer technology) includes a special outer ring, resulting in a lovely, intriguing look. Their water content is 43%, translating into excellent comfort all day long. Their colours include for example the beautiful model called Pearl Gray, among others.

Finally, Queens Oros offer a more dramatic change and a more glamorous look. Like Queens Trilogy, they feature a dark outer ring, which strengthens the effect and gives your eyes more depth. They are replaced monthly and come with a really stylish storage case. Available in Ash Glance, Mystery Violet, Noble Blue, Siberian Blue, Sweet Brown, Warm Green, Cold Mint and Honey Gold, they are Soleko’s proposition for an elegant party or a romantic night out.

Check out our collection of Soleko lenses and see for yourself what sophisticated looks they can provide!

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