Quarterly Contact Lenses

With so many to options, which colour will you choose?

Why are quarterly contact lenses worth trying?

Should i use Quarterly Contact Lenses?Recently, a large number of people have started to switch from quarterly, monthly and two weekly contact lenses to daily disposable ones, appreciating their convenience, constant freshness and remarkable safety. However, quarterly contacts also have a lot to offer and are still preferred by millions of wearers around the world.

One of the biggest advantages of quarterly contacts is their affordability, as they tend to be significantly less expensive than daily disposables or two weekly lenses. This makes them a great entry point for anyone who would like to stop wearing glasses in favour of contact lenses.

Another thing is that, contrary to popular belief, quarterly contact lenses can be quite convenient. This is because they can be worn for up to three months without a perceptible degradation in their comfort or visual performance. Provided they are properly maintained using good quality lens cleaning solution, quarterly contacts provide their users with fantastic wear experience throughout their three-month-long replacement period. As a result, you can go on a longer business trip or a vacation without worrying about getting a new pair of lenses in a foreign country, which can be quite challenging or downright impossible.

What’s more, quarterly contact lenses are generally made of modern, highly breathable materials, which are additionally characterised by excellent resistance to deposits and wettability. Consequently, you can be sure they won’t cause irritation or any unpleasant dry eye symptoms even if they are worn for many hours each and every day. Plus, they often take advantage of the latest technologies the optical industry has developed, resulting in fantastic vision correction.

What kinds of three-monthly lenses are there?

Our selection of quarterly contact lenses is particularly wide. Neo Cosmo, ColourVue and Soleko are among the brands of such lenses that are stocked at the Optyk Rozmus online shop. You can find practically anything in the category, from designs that discreetly enhance the natural colour of your eyes to extravagant shades and crazy patterns straight from a popular horror film, like Twilight or Zombieland. All of our prescription Halloween contact lenses are quarterly meaning that you can wear them on multiple occasions, not just that one time for Halloween. Whenever you choose to put them in, you can be sure to dazzle your colleagues and shock your friends.

No matter what you need, chances are you will find it here. And whatever you decide to go for, will provide you with great vision, excellent comfort and an unforgettable look. Take a look around now! It won’t take long before you find something perfect for yourself!

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