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PureVision Contacts

Purevision Contact Lenses for super clarity when it countsProviding remarkable clarity of vision, fantastic comfort and safety guaranteed by high breathability, Bausch & Lomb’s tried-and-true PureVision lenses remain the top choice for many of our customers.

The original PureVision lenses are made with the use of the patented AerGel material, whose parameters keep them comfortable even at the end of a very long and busy day. Thanks to the addition of silicone, the material boasts incredible oxygen permeability, which ensures safety by allowing your corneas to receive as much air as they need to stay healthy. This is confirmed by the fact that the lenses are officially approved for extended wear.

At the Optyk Rozmus online shop, we stock two popular design options of PureVision contacts: PureVision Toric and PureVision Multifocal. The first one was created for patients with astigmatism and delivers exceptional vision by utilizing next-generation spherical aberration correction and the so-called LoTorque design, effectively stabilising the lenses. The second was developed for people suffering from presbyopia, which typically starts after the age of 40 and affects our ability to see near objects, requiring (up until now) us to use reading glasses. Available in a number of standard and add powers, unlike typical bifocals, these lenses feature an innovative optical design, providing superb vision at all distances.

The category also includes PureVision 2, which have several important advantages over their predecessors, such as a particularly thin design, translating into improved oxygen permeability and very easy handling as well as enhanced comfort. PureVision 2 HD lenses are the basic option, approved for up to 30 days of continuous wear. They are soaked in a patented solution containing a substance called poloxamine, responsible for their amazing moisturizing capabilities. The PureVision 2 for Astigmatism add a special Auto Align Design, which prevents rotation during blinks, this way ensuring crisp vision and wonderful stability at all times.

Featuring 3 Zone Progressive Design, PureVision 2 for Presbyopia give you freedom from reading glasses all day long for a whole month at a time. You can do whatever you want and enjoy yourself without worrying about lens care solutions or storage cases. The lenses will remain comfortable, hydrated and flexible, providing you with perfect vision at all distances and making you feel full of energy just when you need it.

Try PureVision contact lenses for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!

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