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Why Buy Monthly Contacts Online?

Classic Monthly Contact Lenses provide the best value for moneyMillions of satisfied people around the world have happily used monthly disposable contacts for decades. They are probably one of the most commonly prescribed and used types of contact lenses in the world. Over this long period, they have been refined and have changed dramatically, providing significant improvements in comfort and safety as well as treating a constantly broadening range of eye conditions, which now, apart from short- and longsightedness also include presbyopia and astigmatism.

Modern monthly lenses are very easy to clean and disinfect and can be safely worn all day long by practically anyone, as the number of absolute contraindications for contact lens use is now minimal. Some monthly lenses may even be worn continuously for extended periods without the need to take them out for deposit removal or disinfection. This is because the materials used (hydrogels) are exceptionally breathable and wettable, providing your corneas with all the oxygen they need to stay healthy and avoid unpleasant irritation or dryness.

Thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques utilised by the contact lens producers we select from, our monthly lenses are available in an unbelievable number of prescription variants (including completely customised ones), making them suitable not only for patients with near- and farsightedness, but also astigmatism, presbyopia, keratoconus or irregular corneas, who traditionally had to stick to glasses. What’s more, monthly contacts are the most often chosen option among the fans of cosmetic contacts due to the virtually unlimited number of colours and shades they can be purchased in.

Buying monthlies online is very easy and convenient. No need to get out of the house, we will deliver your lenses to you. They are also much cheaper than at an optician’s office. In this category, we have a trusted selection of brands made by the world's best manufacturers so you should be able to find something that will meet your needs and hopefully exceed your expectations. Whatever your personal preference is, we’ve got it.

Remember that it is vital to always follow your contact lens prescription and to consult a specialist before switching brands or powers. If you wish to try a new brand, make sure to get it fitted by an optometrist to establish whether they’re the correct size and material. Wearing unfitted contacts can be uncomfortable and potentially lead to complications.

Advantages of monthly contact lenses

Different kinds of contacts have different advantages. With daily disposable contact lenses you can be sure that the lens is absolutely fresh every time you put it in and you don’t need to worry about cleaning or storing them. Monthly contact lenses also have a long list of advantages, only few of which are presented below.

  • They certainly represent good value for money. One pair can be used for 30 days every day (assuming overnight soaking in a quality disinfecting solution) and some brands can even be worn continuously for as long as a month. Not all monthlies are designed for extended wear though, so make sure to consult that idea with your eye care professional first.
  • Modern materials prevent protein buildup and help the lenses stay fresh and comfortable until the end of their lifespan. Many brands feature innovative solutions which keep the lenses clean by repelling deposits.
  • They are able to correct multiple different eye conditions including near- and farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia and various combinations of those. Probably no other contact lens modality has such a wide range of eye problems it can correct.
  • Coloured contacts in this category include plano and prescription lenses in a multitude of styles and designs. We even have monthly coloured contact lenses for astigmatism!

In our online store, we have on offer monthly contacts from the most reputable manufacturers, such as Air Optix (for example Air Optix Night and Day which can be used continuously for 30 days), Biofinity (such as Biofinity Toric or Multifocal as well as regular), Proclear, Purevision and Soflens. All of them come in different variants for correcting various eye problems. Our range of coloured monthlies includes Air Optix Colors, Freshlook, ColourVue and Queens. All of them come in powers making it possible for you to alter your looks without the need to go back to wearing glasses.

In order for monthlies to do their job properly, they need to be looked after and maintained in a careful manner. Caring for monthly lenses involves cleaning and soaking them in contact lens solution for a required period of time (see the manufacturer’s directions to learn more), always washing your hands before touching them and following the recommended replacement schedule. Follow up visits with an eye care provider are also an essential part of proper lens use.

Take a look at our selection of monthly contacts and you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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