Medical Editor Barbara Słowiaczek

Barbara Słowiaczek is an optometrist and dispensing optician with extensive experience in eye testing, contact lens fittings, patient treatment and collaborating and consulting with other doctors. Her main interests include eye function development, using contact lenses in correcting refraction errors and all aspects of optometry in general. She graduated Wrocław University of Science and Technology (post-graduate studies in optometry) as well as the Center of Optical and Medical Education in Częstochowa (specialisation: optician and correcting refracting errors and optometric measurements). She participated in numerous conferences and supplementary courses. She is constantly broadening her knowledge and expertise in her day to day work and during specialised training courses.

In her daily work she uses the following skills:

  • Conducting vision examinations
  • Assessing spectacle and contact lens prescriptions
  • Testing the anterior segment of the eye
  • OCT scans
  • Testing corneal thickness using Pentacam corneal imaging
  • Qualifying patients for LASIK surgery
  • Consulting with surgeons during LASIK surgeries
  • Conducting post-surgery checkups

In our Articles and advice section Barbara is responsible for editing the articles, verifying their medical content and for making sure that they include information that is accurate and up to date with current state of the art medical knowledge. Thanks to her supervision and experience you can be sure that our articles are verified and approved by eye care specialists.

In her free time Barbara is interested in outdoor sports, especially mountain biking and skiing.

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