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Sunglasses for kids

Baby sunglassesThere’s no doubt that a child's health is the utmost priority for every parent. We make sure to keep them nicely tucked up and warm during winter, we apply the strongest sunscreens to their delicate skin in summer to protect them from sunburn and we carefully react to every sign of their discomfort - especially when they’re very little. There’s one part of their fragile bodies that requires special care and attention: eyes. Just like the rest of the body, eyes need to be protected from harmful UV rays from very early on. It can be done in multiple ways: with a trolley awning, a hat with a wide brim, but the best and most effective way of protecting your kid’s eyes is to equip them with a pair of good quality kids sunglasses.

Super resistant frames

Sunglasses for children have gone a long way over the years. You can forget about these old, rigid and uncomfortable frames that some of us had to wear when we were kids. Modern frames available in our store are made out of flexible plastic that is not only super comfy to wear but also resistant to throwing and dropping. Thanks to the materials used during production these frames can be bent in all directions without losing their actual shape and without breaking. They will withstand even the most active and ferocious child while offering excellent comfort of wear at the same time - such an important thing when it comes to our little ones.

Best quality lenses

Lenses featured in our children’s sunglasses have the best UV filters available on the market. They block 100% of UVA and UVB radiation from all sides protecting not only your child’s eyesight but also the skin around her/his eyes. They are made of a lightweight polycarbonate material characterized by great impact resistance and perfect vision acuity. Most models offered here are also available with polarisation providing glare reduction by up to 99%. Others come with mirrored lenses that also reduce glare in a substantial way by simply reflecting it.

Baby sunglasses

Our selection of kid’s shades include models designed for various age groups. Perhaps the most innovative ones are the ones meant for children from their first days of life. Sunglasses for babies offered in our online store apart from all the great characteristics already mentioned (excellent quality lenses with the best UV filters and bendy and resistant frames) feature a soft elastic band keeping them in place all the time regardless of what your baby is doing at any given moment. The band can be attached and its length regulated to perfectly fit your baby's head. If it’s not needed or it causes discomfort (for example while the baby is laying down in the pram), it can be simply unhooked and put away. The shape of these sunglasses has been designed to nicely wrap around the baby’s head and to protect their eyes from the sun rays coming from all angles.

Possibly the most important aspect of sunglasses for infants and toddlers is their safety. When buying any kind of eye protection for your child you need to be certain that it’s risk-free. You can be sure of that with shades offered by our shop. Thanks to their super flexible and unbreakable frames as well as shatterproof lenses you may rest assured that your little one’s eyes are perfectly safe. The materials used in the frames and lenses are non-toxic, so even chewing or licking them by a curious infant won’t do any damage to your baby or the glasses themselves.

Sunglasses for toddlers

Sunglasses for toddlersIn our selection of shades for kids you will find many designs and colours meant for children from 2 years of age onwards. Preschoolers have their own preferences and dislikes therefore having a wide range of colours to choose from gives you an opportunity to get something they will actually enjoy wearing. Apart from varying bright and pastel colours sunglasses in this age category differ in shape and the type of lens they feature. Some of them come with a mirrored layer for a cooler looking effect and a better glare protection. We even have sunglasses whose frames change colour when exposed to sunlight - something all kids love.

Something for older children

When kids hit a certain age, fashion and looks tend to get very important for them. Luckily our range of sunglasses includes stylish shades for all age groups, also pre-teens and young teenagers. They come in an array of colours and shapes to satisfy even the most fashion-conscious child. What’s crucial though is that they represent excellent quality and great value for money. This means that even if your child decides that they don’t go with his or her style anymore, it’s no big deal as you haven’t spent a fortune on them.

If your child requires vision correction, wearing contact lenses with sunglasses is a great option during summer. Read more about contact lens use in children in our comprehensive article.

Get ready for summer!

Prepare your kids for summer and get them a pair of lovely and sturdy sunglasses. You will be amazed by their quality, durability and looks and most importantly you will rest assured that your child’s eyes are well taken care of and protected from harmful UV rays. In our online store we carry lots of colourful designs only from the most trusted and experienced manufacturers.

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