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Freshlook contacts

FreshLook contact lenses for an excellent changeWant to give your eyes some extra depth, an intriguing tone or a subtle glow? Or maybe you dream of changing their colour completely? With Freshlook contacts all the above can be achieved in a matter of seconds.

Manufactured by Alcon, Freshlook lenses are available in dozens of stunning design options, all of which manage to provide their wearers with beautiful, natural looks as well as fantastic comfort and safety.

To help its customers make an optimal choice, Alcon divided the Freshlook brand into several complementary product lines, all of which are manufactured not only as purely cosmetic lenses, but also in multiple powers.

  1. The first of these lines, ColorBlends, includes monthly disposable contact lenses distinguished by their utilisation of a special 3-in-1 colour blending technology, which ensures a very natural and discreet effect. They are recommended to anybody who wants to make a great impression on others without drawing too much attention to oneself. Colours available in this line of Freshlook contact lenses include Amethyst, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Honey, Pure Hazel, Sterling Gray True Sapphire and Turquoise, so the range of possibilities is incredibly vast. One of the most popular models in this category is Freshlook ColorBlends Pure Hazel beautifully combining green with brown to give the wearer a realistic hazel-eyed look. Other colours also provide a stunning look allowing you to transform yourself with just a blink of an eye. Their range of varius shades of brown have been extensively tested by blue-eyed users who love just how naturally they present themselves on their eyes.
  2. Freshlook Colorblends Honey worn by @merrysynth
  3. Similar effects can be achieved with Freshlook Dimensions, created specifically to highlight the natural beauty of your eyes. Thanks to the inclusion of a darker outer rim, they optically enlarge your irises and make them appear deeper. They're particularly recommended for people with blue or green eyes, who want to emphasize their real eye colour and aren't looking for a dramatic change. So if your eyes aren’t particularly bright and you want to make them more vivid, monthly Freshlook Dimensions are an excellent choice. And if you combine them with stronger make-up, they become a great option for a wild party!
  4. Freshlook Colors are much more opaque and they can give you a completely different eye colour even if you’re naturally dark-eyed. The change is easily noticeable and yet, thanks to brilliant design, it doesn’t seem out of place. You can spend an entire day without anyone (apart from, of course, your friends and family) suspecting that your eyes are not really brown, blue or grey.
  5. The next member of the family, daily disposable Freshlook Illuminate, were developed to make your eyes look as big as possible. Manufactured with the use of the same advanced technologies as DAILIES All Day Comfort, they share their wettability and other crucial parameters, so you can wear them all day long without the risk of irritation or dryness. What’s more, the dual-layer printing technology utilised in the manufacturing process ensures they look absolutely natural. Their design is very simple and perhaps because of that, very popular. They feature a dark outer rim and not much more than that, so there's no risk of your natural eye colour blending with the tint of the lens and creating something entirely different. Colours available in this line of products are Jet Black and Rich Brown.
  6. For patients especially concerned about health and comfort, Alcon developed a daily disposable range of Freshlook lenses, called One Day. Based on the extremely popular Dailies AquaComfort Plus, these daily coloured contact lenses are incredibly convenient and easy to use. What’s more, they are available in four amazing shades (blue, green, grey and hazel), inheriting their beautiful designs from Freshlook ColorBlends. Try them out if your eyes are sensitive or you only want to wear coloured contacts occasionally.

Not all about the colour

Naturally, all Freshlook lenses come in a wide range of corrective powers providing not only a cosmetic effect on your eyes but also a high-end vision correction. Monthly contacts from this brand feature powers from -8.0 to +6.0 whereas dailies are available with powers ranging from 0.0 to -6.0 (One Day) and to -8.0 (Illuminate).

Thanks to the fact that Freshlooks are manufactured by a renowned and experienced maker, Alcon, they are probably one of the most popular and established brands of coloured contact lenses in the world. They have been approved by all health authorities and remain one of the most often prescribed colour contacts among eye care specialists. Their breathability, comfort and vision clarity is first-class which clearly contributes to their worldwide popularity.

Remember to get a bottle of contact lens solution for your reusable coloured contacts to be able to clean and store them properly. That way you'll be sure that they will serve you well throughout the entire month.

Check them out! The Freshlook family of coloured contact lenses is so rich, you’ll definitely find something for yourself in this section!

Freshlook Colorblends Honey worn by @merrysynth

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