I don't like the way these contacts look on me. Can I return them?

Unfortunately we don't accept returns of opened boxes of lenses, unless they are clearly faulty or we have made a mistake by sending an incorrect product. Contact lenses are sterile, medical products that, when opened, cannot be reused and therefore it's impossible to return them to the manufacturer. Coloured contacts presented on our website can look different on different people as most of them are not totally opaque and will blend with your natural eye colour. What's more, some people's pupils are naturally quite small, so there is always a chance that in these people, their natural eye colour will be visible around the edge of the pupil in the pupil hole of the lens.

Colour contacts are a bit like hair dyes - everyone's final effect will be different and there is no single effect that a colour contact lens could be guaranteed to provide.

This is a medical device.

Use it according to the instructions for use or the label.