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Enjoy life more with Daily Disposable contact lenses

Life is to be enjoyed with Daily disposable contact lensesWhen it comes to comfort, convenience and safety, daily disposable contact lenses are really hard to beat. Instead of cleaning and disinfecting your lenses each evening, you just throw them away and go to sleep, knowing that you will put in a fresh new pair in the morning. No more worries about cleaning solutions or cases requiring regular cleaning and replacement, no additional items to pack when you decide to go on a spontaneous trip to the country or the seaside.

Since they are worn for only a day, daily disposables are always free from harmful deposits and feel fantastically comfortable. Plus, there's no fuss if they get lost or damaged, as a single lens is so cheap to replace.

Daily disposable contact lenses are particularly recommended to first time UK users, people enjoying a wide variety of sports, children, allergy sufferers as well as those who travel a lot and value convenience. Thanks to constant technological progress in design and manufacturing techniques, they are now available in practically all powers, sizes and types, allowing the vast majority of patients to take advantage of their benefits. What's more, they are also produced as cosmetic lenses, giving fashion enthusiasts a really healthy and comfortable option.

They have already truly revolutionised the world. Give them a chance to revolutionise your experience!

Features of the best daily lenses:

  • more comfortable and safer to use than reusable contacts
  • no risk of deposit buildup due to their short lifespan
  • recommended for people prone to allergies, dry eyes, eye irritation and infections
  • associated with smaller risk of eye infection
  • great for people who normally wear glasses but need contacts occasionally
  • do not require the use of lens care solution or lens case
  • available in a variety of options and powers including toric for astigmatism, multifocal for presbyopia and coloured for cosmetic effect

What daily contact lenses are available for me?

Here at Optyk Rozmus there are many types of daily lenses, so it might seem difficult at first to make the right choice. Remember to always follow the guidelines of your eye care provider and stick to your contact lens prescription while ordering lenses. If you want to switch manufacturers, make sure to consult a specialist to rule out any contraindications.

  1. Spherical daily contacts
  2. If you’ve got shortsightedness or farsightedness, there’s no need for you to worry - there are plenty of different options available for you as far as brands and materials are concerned. In our online store we stock the most popular and highly recommended lines of daily lenses such as the classic Acuvue TruEye and Acuvue Moist Daily, the new Acuvue Oasys 1-Day daily contacts or Alcon’s Dailies Total 1 lenses. Depending on the recommendation from your eye care specialist and your contact lens prescription, you can choose from a variety of products that will fulfil all your needs. Your doctor will take into account your eyes’ tendency to suffer from dry eye syndrome or their increased sensitivity and prescribe the best product for you to use.

  3. Daily toric contact lenses
  4. For those who suffer from astigmatism, there’s also plenty to choose from. Brands of daily contact lenses for astigmatism include for example Dailies AquaComfort Plus Toric which feature three moisturising agents to always keep your eyes properly hydrated and fresh. Another brand of toric daily contact lenses is Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism equipped with a patented Accelerated Stabilisation Design that keeps the lenses in place at all times, which is an essential feature of toric lenses.

  5. Multifocal daily contacts
  6. Among our daily lenses you will also find multifocal contacts designed for people with presbyopia. These highly sophisticated products are especially recommended for people above 40 years of age who often not only need reading glasses due to the lower flexibility of their eye lenses but also suffer from dry eyes. Both conditions are associated with ageing and require a unique approach, such as daily multifocal contact lenses. In our shop you will find several makes of such contacts, one example being Dailies Total 1 Multifocal featuring a unique water gradient that assures maximum comfort and feeling of freshness throughout the day. Using these lenses you can be positive that your eyes are well taken care of and that reading glasses are a thing of the past. Thanks to their multifocal design you will be able to see perfectly at all distances and forget you ever needed spectacles at all.

  7. Coloured daily contact lenses
  8. Even those of us who like to experiment with their looks can enjoy the benefits and convenience of dailies thanks to daily coloured contact lenses such as Freshlook One Day and eye enlarging Freshlook Illuminate contacts. These lovely colour contacts provide a natural change to your iris along with the amazing convenience that comes with using dailies. They’re a great choice for all those who want to change their appearance only occasionally or are new to tinted lenses and want to try them for the first time.

Check out our selection of daily disposable lenses and you will be sure to find just the right product.

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