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Advantages of Dailies contacts

Meet the Dailies contact lenses familyIf you’re a really busy person, travel a great deal or often take part in sporting activities, Dailies brand contacts may be the perfect solution for you!

Daily disposable contact lenses have a number of significant advantages over all the other types of contacts. First of all, they’re as convenient as possible, requiring no maintenance whatsoever. This means no cleaning or disinfecting, or even soaking in a special lens care solution. What’s more, as their lifespan is limited to a single day, daily disposables have no time to collect protein deposits, which sometimes happens with two weekly or monthly lenses. Consequently, the vision they provide is always crystal clear and you don’t experience any gradual decline in performance. This aspect is particularly appreciated by allergy sufferers, who can be sensitive to any contaminants that may get stuck to the surface of the lens. In addition, every time you have to go somewhere at a moment’s notice, you don’t need to remember to pack any contact lens accessories, like storage cases. The only thing you need is the lenses themselves! Finally, a lost or damaged daily disposable contact lens is not a problem, since you always have dozens of spare ones just waiting for you to take them out of their little packs.

The Dailies family of contacts, manufactured by Alcon, includes several options, both in terms of utilised materials and designs and consists of two main sub-brands: Dailies AquaComfort Plus and Dailies Total 1.

The Dailies AquaComfort Plus line is characterised by the use of Alcon’s Triple Action Moisture technology, which was created to provide superior comfort all day long. The technology features three (hence the name) moisturizing agents, which, while working independently, strengthen each other’s effects. The first one, HPMC, produces a special moisture cushion as soon as the lens is inserted. The second referred to as PEG, prevents the surface of the lens from drying up. Finally, the third agent, called PVA, refreshes the lens each time the wearer blinks.

The Dailies Total 1 range constitutes a breakthrough, thanks to the utilization of the so-called water gradient technology, allowing water content to be higher on the surface (where it exceeds 80%) than on the inside (where it drops below 40%). In addition, the lenses have extreme oxygen permeability, which makes them even more comfortable to wear and less likely to cause any complications.

Both Dailies AquaComfort Plus and Total 1 lenses are available in several design variants, giving patients with different eye conditions a chance to enjoy the comfort and convenience of these state-of-the-art daily disposable lenses.

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