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Different occasions demand different themes. Choose yours!

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Sclera, screen, white and grey - there is something for every zombie.

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Bram Stoker to True Blood and the Twilight Series.

Movie Contact Lenses

Mortal Engines, Anime, Star Wars, GOT, Walking Dead, Twilight.

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There are a lot too choose from and endless posibilities.

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Glow, Mesh, Sclera and more.

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Wild Colour Lenses with attitude

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Amazing lenses to complete your costume

RX Halloween Contact Lenses

Halloween themed contact lenses available in your prescription

Mini Sclera Contacts

Easier to use and almost as awesome as scleras

Sclera Contact Lenses

Super awesome whole eye lenses

Which contact lens theme is best for you?

There are so many coloured contact lens options available at Optyk Rozmus online shop that finding the right one could be time-consuming. To make it easier and faster, we have created a special category divided into several sections, each of which is associated with a popular theme. Now, if you want to buy, say, vampire contact lenses, you can go directly to the appropriate section and quickly find something suitable, irrespective of whether your vampire costume requires your eyes to become yellowish or creepily red.

Apart from the above-mentioned vampire lenses, the themes include “zombie” and “devil” designs as well as special effects, novelty, theatrical and costume contacts. Lenses in the sections were carefully selected to meet your needs and assist you in making the best possible decision. For instance, if you’re interested in special effects contact lenses, the relevant section gives you the opportunity to choose from a few dozen extraordinary designs without the need to sift through hundreds of regular ones.

Of course, we make sure that all lenses in the Themes category are made of high quality materials, are thoroughly tested and provide excellent comfort.You can focus on what they will make your eyes look like and stop worrying about anything else.

Just look around. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll come across a perfect pair!