Contact Lens Colours

To help you find the right contact lens as easily and as quickly as possible, we have divided the section into ten categories based on the dominant colour of each lens design.


Natural Colour

Colours and styles of contact lens designed to blend naturally with your eye colour.

Bright Colours

Standout vivid colours and designs. You will be noticed.

Big Eyes

Larger deeper iris and natural colour blends to add depth.

Black Contact Lenses

Blackout, BigEyes, full and mini sclera

Blue Contact Lenses

Deep blue, pale blends and even Spaceblue for light and dark eyes.

Brown Contact Lenses

Chestnut, Hazel, honey and more.

Green Contact Lenses

Emerald, sea green, turquoise and jade.

Grey Contact Lenses

Subtle or bold, we have almost 50 shades of grey :)

Red Contact Lenses

Scarlet and blood, red screen and the incredible Volturi.

Sapphire Contact Lenses

Standout blues for standout people.

Violet Contact Lenses

Natual blends, bright styles and glow.

White Contact Lenses

Peal, cyborg and zombie are the favorites here.

Yellow Contact Lenses

From natural honey's to slitted cat eyes.

Crazy Contact Lenses

Wild Colour Lenses with attitude

UV Glow Contact Lenses

Contacts that glow under UV light

How to choose the best contact lens colours for you?

Finding the most suitable lens colour may seem to be a challenge, but you can make the task much simpler by following a few rules. First of all, consider your natural eye colour and skin tone, as they have the have the greatest impact on the overall effect. Then take into account what outfit and make-up you’re planning to wear, which obviously need to be in harmony with your new eye colour. Finally, think about what kind of impression you want to make on others and how much attention you would like to draw to yourself.

Our collection of coloured contact lenses has been carefully selected to give you a number of great options and allow you to fine-tune your look to perfection. When you decide, for instance, to go for blue lenses, you can check dozens of shades until you come across the one that somehow meets all your requirements, matches your ensemble and makes it complete.

What’s very important, our coloured contact lenses are not only stylish, but also exceptionally comfortable and safe. In addition, most of them are available in all commonly used powers, so they can be worn on a daily basis instead of regular contacts or glasses.