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Contact Lenses Solution

Contact lenses solutionsA bottle of lens cleaner is essential if you want your contacts to feel clean, fresh, and comfortable throughout their lifetime. Unless you're using daily disposable contact lenses, regular cleaning and soaking of your contacts in a good quality cleaning product is an everyday necessity and a habit that should become second nature to you. It is vital to take care of your contacts in order to keep them comfortable and safe, and also to maintain your eye health. Poor hygiene or lenses that aren't properly cleaned can result in serious complications, including blindness. That's how important it is to do it properly!

Different types of solutions

Two types of cleaning product are most popular:

  1. Multipurpose contact lens solutions, (MPS), are the most common and widely used type of lens cleaning product. They remove protein deposits and dirt from the lenses and disinfects them by killing bacteria or fungi. This type of solution is suitable for cleaning as well as soaking contact lenses.
  2. Another lens cleaning solution type is based on hydrogen peroxide. It's less common but very effective in cleaning and disinfecting lenses. This is a good choice for those who are allergic to multipurpose cleaning solutions or people with high protein buildup. This type is recommended for those who are sensitive to protein buildup. It is important to rinse this product from your lenses before inserting them as it can cause irritation and burning. You can either use regular saline, or an MPS to rinse the lenses.

Which solution is best for contact lens?

You will only find the best contact lenses cleaning products in our collection. These products are manufactured by contact lens manufacturers. Ideally, they should be used with specific brands of contacts to achieve optimal results. However, this is not always the case and you should consult your eye doctor for their recommendation. For example, Acuvue Revitalens, formerly known as Complete Revitalens, is made by Johnson & Johnson, the Acuvue contact lens manufacturer, so it is recommended to use it with, for instance Acuvue Oasys. On the other hand OptiFree Pure Moist contact lens solution is made by Alcon, therefore it's best to use it with Air Optix contact lenses. Renu Multiplus, BioTrue and SoloCare Aqua from Menicon are other popular lenses care products. A lot of people find that they can swap from one cleansing product to another with no problems at all, so often it is a personal preference.

For your convenience, all products in this collection are available in different sizes. You can purchase a 60ml Acuvue Revitalens bottle if you only need a small amount for travel, or a 500ml Max OptiFresh bottle if there is more than one person who uses contact lenses in your home. There are many options for everything between these two sizes. We offer a wide range of high-quality lens cleaning solutions that will satisfy all of our customer's needs.

What's the best way to clean contact lenses?

Safety when using contacts is very much dependent on the cleanliness and maintenance of your lenses. A specialist should fit your lenses for you and show you how to use them properly when they are first prescribed. This will also help ensure that proper hygiene is taught and reinforced. For more information on how to clean your lenses, consult your eye doctor. We have listed the general guidelines that will apply to most peoples use of this range of products.

  • Contact lens solution should always be kept in cool, dark places (not in direct sun).
  • Make sure you thoroughly wash your hands before cleaning your lenses.
  • Mixing different brands together is not a good idea.
  • Before switching to a different brand of solution, or trying a new type (e.g. hydrogen peroxide-based), consult your eye doctor if it is not one you have used before.
  • Never, under any circumstances use water to clean or soak your contact lenses.
  • Regularly replace your lens case with a brand new one (e.g. once per month).

These rules are applicable to all types and brands of contact lenses. Contact your eye doctor for more information on a specific product. Our advice articles on how to use contact lenses cases safely and how it affects the comfort of your eyes can be found here.

How do you clean your contact lenses?

It is easy to clean your contacts. With practice, it will become a routine part of your day just like brushing your teeth. These are a few easy steps that will keep your contacts clean and fresh all day.

  1. After removing your contacts, rub some solution onto the lens and gently rub it on both sides. Some solutions don't require rubbing. Before using, make sure to read the instructions.
  2. Rinse thoroughly your lenses with the product.
  3. You should fill your lens case with fresh solution every time.
  4. Allow your lenses to soak in the contact lens solution for at least a few hours. The manufacturer will specify the minimum time.
  5. Once you have taken your lenses out, rinse the case with solution and then put it back in your lens case so they are completely full.
  6. Let the case air dry regularly between use.

For more information on how to care for contact lenses, read our advice article on this topic.

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