Eye Drops and Contact Lens Cleaning Solutions

All types of contact lenses need to be properly taken care of on a daily basis. In order to keep them clean, safe and comfortable, contact lens cleaning and disinfecting solutions need to be used. Your eye health relies on their quality therefore it is essential to choose the right one. Optyk Rozmus offers contact lens cleaning solutions only from the best and most trusted manufacturers.

We realise how important it is to safely and properly maintain contact lenses, therefore we don't sell products we have not tested ourselves. Our contact lens cleaning and disinfecting solutions are available in a variety of sizes and prices that will suit every pocket. We even have flight friendly cleaning solutions under 100ml.

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Not just for contact lens wearers

People suffering from dry eye syndrome or simply needing a good eye moisturizer will also find a selection of eye drops available in our online shop. As with our choice of contact lenses, they are of the best quality and reliability to ensure your safety and health. They can all be used with contact lenses but also by people who do not wear contacts on a daily basis, but their eyes tend to go dry because of the environmental reasons.

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