Coloured Toric Contact Lenses

Gorgeous eye colour enhancement for people with astigmatism.

Can I get Coloured contact lenses for astigmatism?

Miss SG wearing Trilogy Dark Green colour toric contact lensesMyopia and hyperopia are easier to correct than astigmatism. Astigmatism is caused by the fact that the eyes of individuals with it aren't perfectly round causing a lens distortion. This causes light to focus unevenly on the retina, leading to blurred or distorted vision from any distance. Although it is possible to treat this condition, special lenses are required with toric optics that have the appropriate power and axis.

Astigmatism was initially treated only with glasses. Contact lenses were not able to provide sharp and stable vision. However, thanks to rapid advancements in contact lens design, the problems were quickly solved and people with astigmatism can now enjoy the benefits of toric contact lenses as much as patients with short- and long-sightedness.

For many years, contact lenses in coloured were only available in spherical versions. Astigmatic people could still use them but they either caused suboptimal vision or required glasses correction. These days, astigmatism does not have to be a problem when it comes enhancing your eyes colour.

What is special about colour-toric lenses?

Optyk Rozmus offers a complete range of Queens Solitaire and Queens Trilogy coloured contact lenses. This gives our customers a variety of shades and colours. These lenses can be customized to order in a wide variety of powers, cylinder powers and axes. These contacts are exceptional because of the high quality Italian production. The unbeatable combination of European manufacturing standards and an Italian eye on fashion and beauty is unbeatable.

Queens Solitaire contact lenses come in a variety of colours, including "Aqua", 'Jade", 'Light Blue", 'Light Green", Pearl", Spice", & "Yellow". These beautiful lenses are manufactured by Soleko and offer unique designs as well as excellent comfort. Queens Solitaire lenses are changed every quarter and have a water content of 43%. This ensures that they provide adequate moisture, even for those with dry eyes. Queens Solitaire contacts can be purchased individually to help patients with different degrees of astigmatism.

Queens Trilogy is the second line of coloured contact lenses from Soleko for correcting astigmatism. It features three tints that have been carefully selected (hence its name). The lenses are available in eight wonderful versions (Amber, Blue, Choco, Dark Green, Light Green, Ocean, Pearl Gray, and Yellow). They are replaced every month and made of a highly breathable, wettable material called Ocufilcon. They are also comfortable throughout the day due to their high water content.

What brands make coloured contacts for astigmatism?

Queens Solitaire Toric contacts can be purchased individually. This allows for you to choose the exact prescription that they require for each eye. This is because for astigmatic patients, it is very rare that each eye has exactly the same prescription. The most common thing is that in fact, each eye is different. So buying pairs of lenses is not the best idea or even practical.

It is worth noting that the colours can be included in your design. There are more than 140,000 combinations of prescriptions for coloured toric contact lenses and are therefore custom-made to order.

You can enhance your eyes' colour with Soleko Queens contact lenses if you have astigmatism. There are certain to be at least a couple of designs that will blow you away!

Miss SG wearing Queens Trilogy Dark Green

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