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Variety is the spice of life. Styles and shades that can compliment or completely alter your look

Are coloured contact lenses safe?

Are coloured contact lenses safe for me?Prescription contact lenses were initially only intended for vision correction. However, millions of happy users were able to eliminate their glasses once and for all when they were invented. As tinted lenses became more popular, the role of prescription contact lenses began to shift. People started to see them as more than just a means to correct vision. The introduction of tinted lenses was seen as a fashion accessory that became an integral part of fancy dress parties costumes, and a tool for film makeup artists.

Nearly everyone who has had a contact lenses fitting can wear the contacts in this collection. You will love the convenience and beauty of well-fitted lenses, no matter if you are a makeup artist or cosplayer, or none of these things. These lenses can make your dull makeup look more appealing and will help you to shine.

What coloured contacts are best for me?

Contact lenses in many colours are available online from Optyk Rozmus. They can be ordered in any size and shape. This collection contains the most popular cosmetic coloured lenses. These lenses can be used to enhance the look of your eyes and not affect your vision. We also stock corrective prescription-coloured contacts that can be used daily as replacements for standard lenses.

There are two options: translucent lenses that enhance your natural eye colour only (mostly recommended for those with lighter irises), and opaque lenses that can dramatically change your eye colour. These lenses are best for people who have darker irises or aren't afraid to draw attention to themselves. The collection also includes many options for cosplay fans, including neon-blue alien lenses and yellowish vampire lenses.

Lenses available in this collection represent all visible shades of the rainbow: we have blue contact lenses, green and brown ones, violet, yellow and even red and white. Some models combine different tints to create an iris-like effect while others are more bizarre and unexpected and blend contrasting colours together for unique looks.

It is important to remember that coloured contacts look different on different people and under varying light conditions. You may need to experiment with different shades before you find exactly what you are looking for. We have added photos of the lenses in use to give you a better idea of what the effect will be and in our reviews sections people often upload photos of the lenses they have purchased to help you choose the right coloured contact lenses for your eyes.

No matter what design, style or modality they may be, all Optyk Rozmus products are CE approved. This means that they are as safe, comfortable, and healthy as regular corrective contacts. We don't require you to provide a prescription when you order your coloured prescription contact lens online. Our shop is based in Europe so we won't have to verify your prescription. We trust you have had your lens fitted and are confident that you will make the right choice.

What types of coloured lenses do you have?

There are many types of prescription colour contacts. They are classified according to the effect they produce.

  1. Contact lenses that are colour enhancers. These contact lenses blend with your natural eye colour, giving it an extra boost and adding sparkle to your eyes. They are ideal for everyday wear and have a natural appearance.
  2. Opaque cosmetic contacts lenses - these provide an eye colour change because they don't blend with your eyes. Instead, they completely cover them. These contacts are ideal for actors, cosplayers, and anyone who wishes to drastically change their appearance, but still wants their eyes to look natural and not grotesque. Examples of such natural coloured contact lenses are among the Neo Cosmo range.
  3. Circle lenses - also known as big eyes contact lenses, their function is to enlarge your irises, so that your eyes get that characteristic kawaii doll-like effect. These lenses are perfect for everyday use, but they are especially recommended for romantic dates or big nights out. These are especially popular with cosplayers who can use them to instantly achieve the look of their favorite anime characters.
  4. Crazy contact lenses are often available in plano and prescription coloured novelty lenses featuring bright colours and funny patterns for special occasions like Halloween parties, theatre plays, cosplay events and the like. These lenses are very popular with makeup artists who use them to create character transformations or cosplayers who dress up as their favorite characters. We offer a variety of Halloween contacts that vary in size and coloured effects.
    • Contact lenses in standard size with crazy colours - Regular costume lenses with vibrant patterns.
    • Mini sclera contacts lenses, usually 17mm in diameter, are available in zero power. They provide unnaturally large eyes and are available in amazing styles and designs.
    • Sclera lenses covering the whole of your eye (22mm in diameter) - used in professional photoshoots and on movie sets, create a shocking effect on the eyes.
    • UV lenses that glow under ultraviolet light - UV lenses are brightly coloured products that glow under UV lights. They're great for clubbing.

You will find the right product for you in this collection. We constantly expand our range of colours and patterns to ensure that everyone finds exactly what they are looking for.

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