Brown Contact Lenses

Shades ranging from honey to deep dark sexy chocolate

Why do people like brown contact lenses?

Brown contact lenses worn by @merrysynthOne of the most popular choices from our colour collections, brown, in all of its glorious shades, looks fantastic regardless of your natural eye colour or complexion. Often quite densely pigmented, these lenses effectively mask what’s under them, giving your eyes not only a new, beautiful colour but also intriguing depth. The lighter shades, of our brown contact lenses, are a great option for dark-eyed people who’d like to brighten up their eyes a little bit but want to stay on the safe side and stick to a lighter version of their own eye tint rather than to experiment with other colours. Different designs will give different effects depending on the natural colour of your eyes and the lighting you are in. Often people choose varying shades for the different effects they produce. It’s well worth trying a few before deciding on just one.

Our brown lenses consist of a handpicked and carefully tested selection of designs and shades, which include pale honey, dark rich chocolate and pretty much everything in between, with the hazel models being particularly popular. Many of their patterns are very natural and realistic so that you are able to wear them with your everyday outfit without being spotted as having them on. Many of our brown contact lenses are available in corrective prescription powers, so if you need vision correction, you may use them on a daily basis like any other monthly or quarterly disposable lens. What’s more, they’re as comfortable as regular contacts, providing your corneas with plenty of oxygen and moisture.Brands of contact lenses in this colour category include such classics as Air Optix, Freshlook, ColourVue and Soleko Queens, all of which are made according to very high-quality standards and have been tested and happily worn by millions of users around the world. Depending on the line of products they can be worn as monthly or quarterly contacts.

Some of the models presented in this category feature colours other than brown and come with funky patterns - these are meant for special occasions such as a comic book convention where they make a great costume accessory. Wear a pair with your groovy outfit and you can expect a reaction from your friends

Which brown contacts to choose?

Our selection of brown coloured contact lenses will go well with all kinds of makeup and are the perfect choice for almost any occasion, including elegant business events, romantic dates and late-night parties. Match a pair of honey-coloured contact lenses with green or violet eye shadow and you will shine like a star wherever you go. Try hazel contacts with some grey or blue eye makeup and the contrast between the colours shall give your eyes a gorgeous appearance. In fact, all shades of brown contacts look fantastic with colourful makeup, so don’t be scared of experimenting a little and give them a go. Their versatility is simply amazing and you may be really surprised how often you will want to put them on.

It’s worth noting that brown contacts suit almost everybody. Those who already have brown eyes can enhance their natural eye colour by wearing brown circle lenses or one of the bright coloured models making their eyes appear lighter. On the other hand, those who have green or blue eyes can easily turn them brown with a pair of contacts of that colour, like most brown contact lenses available on our webshop are opaque enough to cover every iris.

If you don’t know which lenses to choose, you can refer to our subjective grouping of brown lenses based on the effect they help to achieve.

  • Opaque - choose them if you’re after a visible and distinct look and total coverage. This type is great for cosplay or artistic makeup as well as professional use during theatrical plays or photoshoots. Examples of such lenses include brown models from Neo Cosmo and the Big Eyes series.
  • Blending in - try them out if you want a natural look resulting from your own eye colour blending with the pigment of the lens. These contacts don’t guarantee absolute coverage but create a mix of their tint with your own irises. Available models include Freshlook ColorBlends Brown, Air Optix Colors Brown and Pure Hazel.
  • Brown eye brighteners - if you’re looking for something that will make your dark brown eyes lighter, then try some of our light brown contact lenses, for example, Cheerful Foamy Beige and Woody Brown or Queens Trilogy Amber and Choco, as well as Queens Solitaire Spice contact lenses. These contacts will alter the intensity of your eye colour in a realistic and delicate manner.
  • Lenses altering natural eye colour - perfect for those, who want to change their eye colour into brown in a natural and unobtrusive way. This group of products includes Queens Oros and Trilogy as well as Freshlook Colors and ColourVue Elegance.
  • Costume contacts featuring crazy patterns - meant for special occasions rather than everyday use.They are slightly underrepresented on the market but can be found on our website among the Halloween eye contacts.

Try a few designs from our collection and see how good you look with sexy brown eyes.

@merrysynth wearing Freshlook ColorBlends Brown

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