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Are blue contacts bad for your eyes?

@kjeymodel wearing blue contact lenses Queens Solitaire AquaBlue eyes have been an object of desire of people around the world for centuries. There are songs and poems written about irises as blue as the sky or the sea and, rather unsurprisingly, the most famous photo models from the front covers of the magazines have blue eyes. There’s undoubtedly something mesmerizing and alluring about pale coloured eyes and it is reflected in the popularity of blue contact lenses.

It’s interesting to note that the blue colour of the iris does not result from the presence of a blue pigment in the eyes, but rather from the lack of one called melanin. In a nutshell, melanin (among other things) is responsible for the brown colour of your irises, so if you don’t have it, your eyes seem blue due to the way light rays break and are reflected from your eyes. It is not very common to have azure eyes, because most of us have at least some melanin in the irises, which gives us a never-ending array of eye colours, from pale green to dark brown. Levels of melanin can change slightly throughout a lifetime and might be influenced by certain health conditions, but generally speaking, eye colour is something we’re born with. If you’re reading this, it probably means that you are not among the lucky 10% of the population born without the melanin in their eyes, but perhaps you wish you were. We hear you and we’re here for you!

For several reasons, some of which were mentioned above, blue coloured contact lenses constitute one of our most popular categories. Some people simply want their hazel or brown eyes to be the colour of the sky, while others wish to add some depth or a new tone to their naturally blue eyes. Also, changing your eye colour from dark brown to light blue can mean a huge metamorphosis, that’s why some people choose it as a way of totally transforming their look.No wonder that blue contact lenses are in such high demand.

Our selection of blue contacts provides a number of fantastic choices for all of these groups, as the lenses range from delicate and almost transparent to practically opaque (suitable for wearers with dark eyes). Also, the category includes special effects lenses, so you can even go for something disturbing or creepy and achieve the look of, for instance, a White Walker.

Do blue contacts look fake?

If you don’t know which blue lenses might work for you, we recommend trial and error as the best way of finding that out. After all, contacts are just like hair dyes - they might look totally different on two different people. You can also read this short, subjective categorisation of blue contact lenses that we have prepared to make it easier for you to make the right choice.

  1. Blue eye colour enhancers - contacts that emphasize your naturally blue irises. Examples of such products include Freshlook Dimensions Pacific Blue or Neo Cosmo 3 Tone Blue N321. Obviously, they are primarily recommended for people with blue eyes, who wish to add a bit of oomph to their look without altering it too much.
  2. Blue lenses for light eyes - this might seem like an easy choice, because all contacts should look good on pale eyes, right? Well, not always. If you’ve got very light grey or hazel eyes, some blue contacts might blend with them and give you an effect that’s quite far from blue. As we know from physics, yellow plus blue equals green, therefore some people might be surprised to discover that after wearing blue contacts their eyes become green instead of blue. Also, some lighter models might not make any difference to your eyes if they are too subtle and similar to your iris. Taking all of that into account we recommend our light-eyed customers to go for slightly more opaque colours to avoid disappointment. Examples of such contacts are ColourVue 3 Tone Blue or Glamour Blue.
  3. Natural looking blue contact lenses for dark eyes - contacts that can alter even dark brown and black eyes. We’ve got quite a few of such products. You can either go for Neo Cosmo 2 Tone Blue for a very visible effect perfect for cosplay and photo sessions or you can opt for more natural models, such as Cheerful Cloudy Blue or Queens Solitaire Aqua. Even though the latter are single tone lenses, they feature an impressive amount of pigmentation, which makes them a great option for those who seek natural and realistic eye colour change.
  4. Totally opaque blue contact lenses - this group of lenses is ideal for various costumes and looks that require a definitive and noticeable eye colour change. Halloween is a perfect example of such an occasion and lenses representing this category are Solar Blue, Blizzard, or full eye Athena Blue to name just a few. With these contacts, it really doesn’t matter what your natural eye colour is - the difference will be there and it will be amazing.

It’s worth noting that the vast majority of products presented in this category are available with corrective powers. Most of them can be ordered with minuses for correcting nearsightedness, but some of them also come in pluses for farsightedness. What’s more, we even have blue toric contacts for astigmatism! Therefore if you need blue prescription contact lenses, you’re looking in the right place.

Whatever your preference is, you’re bound to find something great for yourself here!

@kjeymodel wearing Queens Solitaire Aqua contacts

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