Biofinity Contact Lenses

Convenience of extended wear contacts combined with the reliability and safety of silicone-hydrogel

Why are Biofinity contacts so popular?

Biofinity Contact Lenses can be worn continuously for up to a weekBiofinity lenses are an ideal choice if convenience is key. Made of ultra-oxygen permeable material, these lenses can be worn up to seven days and six nights consecutively - meaning you don't need to worry about putting them on every morning; your vision will remain clear no matter where life takes you or what tasks need doing.

These lenses are manufactured by CooperVision, renowned for their creative solutions and top-notch products. They come in various design options, such as one tailored specifically for people with severe visual impairments.

The Biofinity regular line is the most sought-after lens range, capable of correcting low to moderate hyperopia and myopia (powers ranging from -12.00D up to +8.00D). CooperVision's Aquaform technology keeps these lenses moistened throughout the day, keeping your eyes healthy and bright no matter what activity you engage in or what your external conditions are. What sets them apart is their ability to allow oxygen through to the cornea - something crucial when contacts are worn overnight.

Biofinity Toric contacts are designed with astigmatism in mind and made from silicone hydrogel material. Available in multiple powers, they feature CooperVision's Optimized Toric Lens Gemetry which offers two key benefits: perfect stability by minimising movement during blinking and ultra smooth feel of the contacts.

Biofinity Multifocal contact lenses are specifically designed to treat presbyopia in adults over 40. Multifocal lenses differ from regular lenses in that they feature multiple optical zones that enable their wearers to see clearly at various distances, similar to multifocal/bifocal glasses, otherwise called progressive. Furthermore, these contact lenses feel more natural and can be worn up to one week without any breaks for comfort.

Biofinity XR and XR Toric are contact lens options designed to treat advanced myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism in patients. These lenses correct refractive errors from -20.00D up to +15.00D without the need for bulky glasses that distort vision or affect appearance. According to CooperVision's estimates, the XR range covers about 99% of contact lens wearers' needs while offering the same comfort as regular contacts from this line.

Can I wear them continuously?

Thanks to their exceptional breathability, Biofinity lenses can be worn continuously for as many as seven days and six nights. Made of a novel silicone hydrogel material, these lenses not only provide your eyes with all the oxygen they need to stay healthy but also retain enough moisture to keep them fantastically comfortable even in difficult conditions.

Wearing these contacts, you get a whole week of perfect vision at any time of day or night. No need to take them out before sleep or cleaning them every evening. Their unique coating is extremely resistant to deposits, so there’s no risk of decreasing visual performance or comfort. And the best thing is that after seven days of use, you can clean and disinfect them, and immediately start the wearing cycle again! Properly maintained, the lenses will give you four problem-free weeks, during which you can focus on whatever you like without worrying about lens care solutions or storage cases.

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