How to wear sclera contact lenses?

How to wear sclera contact lenses?Sclera contact lenses, even though they aren't normally used for vision correction, should be handled with the same care and precautions as regular corrective lenses. Remember to visit your eye doctor before wearing sclera contact lenses to make sure your eyes are healthy and it's safe for you to use them. Your hands must be thoroughly washed before handling them and you should insert them before applying makeup. Read more about how to use contact lenses here, as rules regarding hygiene and storage are the same for all types of contacts. The only difference between regular sized lenses and sclera ones is that they are much larger and therefore need to be stored in a special lens case. Optyk Rozmus adds this type of container to every sclera lens order so you don't have to worry about it.

Because sclera lenses are much bigger than regular contacts, they are inserted in a slightly different way, which might initially seem difficult for people who are used to regular lenses. With a little practice and patience however, you will master the skill of wearing sclera contact lenses in no time - all you have to do is slide the lens under your upper eyelid. It's not as difficult as it may sound as sclera lenses are more rigid than regular contacts and therefore easier to handle. Blinking and rolling your eyes a little will help the lens settle in properly. It will take a while for your eyes to get used to the sensation, but after that you will feel and look amazing.

While the majority of people have no problems wearing sclera lenses its worth remembering that with contact lenses, one size does NOT fit all. So if you feel that your contacts are too large or too small for you or your eyes get irritated and teary when using them, immediately take them out and seek medical advice. Once you have ensured that you have no underlaying infection or issue with your eyes, you could try sclera lenses again but as it's been noted they are not for everyone so don't try to force yourself to wear them if they are just plain uncomfortable.

Watch this informative tutorial video to learn how to put in sclera contacts.

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