Lens care solutions affect contact lens comfort

Lens care solutions affect contact lens comfortMany contact lens users believe that problems such as blurred vision or dryness result solely from wearing the wrong type of contact lenses. However, as our eye doctors have pointed out, in a number of cases, the issue can be successfully dealt with by finding a new contact lens solution, so if you're struggling with contact lens discomfort, the first and easiest thing to try is to change your lens care solution.

A good solution allows the eye to retain moisture all day long, so there is no discomfort even late in the evening. What is more, such a solution effectively cleans and disinfects your contacts when you store them in it, so the risk of infection is minimal and you won't have to worry about potential complications.

If you're planning on using a new brand of lens care solution, remember to read the instructions carefully before the first use, as some of the older contact lens cleaning products can be dangerous to the eyes if they are used improperly.

To be sure, contact lens users need to follow certain rules if they want to maintain the effectiveness of their solutions:

  • You should never use any contact lens solutions after their expiry dates.
  • You should avoid adding water and other liquids to them.
  • You should always fill your contact lens cases with fresh solution and never reuse it.
  • If you're using hydrogen peroxide based lens cleaning solution, remember to use the case that came with it and rinse it off of your lenses with regular solution before putting them in.
  • Keep your solution in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.
  • Don't touch the end of the solution bottle to avoid contamination.
  • Never mix different solutions in your lens case.

If these conditions are met and you follow the standard hygiene guidelines while handling contacts, the risk of complications is very low.

This is a medical device.

Use it according to the instructions for use or the label.