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Reliable Alcon contact lensesOne of the most important contact lens manufacturers in the world, founded more than seventy years ago. Over this time, the company has managed to develop and bring to market a huge number of innovative contact lenses, intraocular lenses as well as other ophthalmic pharmaceuticals and surgical equipment.

In its portfolio, they have an impressive number of exceptional products, including Air Optix, Dailies and Freshlook brands of contact lenses (which were added as a result of merging the company with Novartis’s Ciba Vision). What’s more the company offers fantastic contact lens solutions, such as Opti-Free Replenish, SoloCare Aqua, and eye drops for improved contact lens comfort (SYSTANE HYDRATION and OPTI-FREE PRO).

Air Optix contact lenses (flagship lenses from Ciba Vision) are a widely sought-after product by Alcon. These lenses are known for their comfort and exceptional oxygen permeability, with several options available and some approved for extended wear - up to one month without changing or cleaning required! Plus, you can order these lenses in coloured options which giving you super comfort while changing your appearance at the same time.

Dailies are renowned for their safety and convenience. These contacts fall under the daily disposable category, making them increasingly popular with eye doctors as the go-to solution for people with allergies or new to contacts. Alcon divided their line up of DAILIES lenses according to key characteristics like materials used, as well as other key attributes. We stock both AquaComfort Plus (both available online) and Total 1 lenses.

FreshLook is one of the most popular members of this remarkable contact lens family. This collection of coloured lenses offers stunning designs and allows you to create virtually endless looks with them. They come in a wide range of options that can be worn for any special occasion or everyday wear - of course while correcting vision problems! With FreshLook contact lenses, you don't have to compromise - wear them every day for optimal vision correction!

Some of the newer lines in this category include Precision 1 - newest generation daily contacts which combine great benefits of Total 1 and lower prices of AquaComfort Plus - and Total 30 - monthly lenses featuring Alcon's patented water gradient. Both of these innovative lines represent state of the art quality and comfort.

Our selection of Alcon products also includes popular multipurpose lens cleaning solutions (Opti-Free PureMoist, Opti-Free Express, and Opti-Free RepleniSH) and moisture drops (Opti-Free Pro and Hydration), all designed to make wearing contact lenses an even improved experience.

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