Air Optix Contact Lenses

Innovative materials for maximum safety and comfort

Are Air Optix good contacts?

No matter how many hours you work, Air Optix contact lenses are up to the jobAir Optix uses a variety of state-of the-art technologies to ensure maximum comfort and health. Some of their innovative materials are certified for extended wear, so they provide excellent oxygen levels to your eyes. Their exceptional resistance to deposits ensures clear vision from the beginning of their wear cycle until the end. SmartShield technology protects the lenses against deposits throughout the month.

Alcon, the manufacturer of Air Optix has created their product in multifocal, toric and coloured versions. All three use the same production techniques and processes. The Aqua line has been gradually replaced with the more advanced Hydraglyde technology, which provides greater visual acuity and safety, as well as comfort.

Optyk Rozmus offers these lenses in both standard and larger boxes.

How long can you wear Air Optix contact lenses?

Contact lens wearers hate the fact that they have to clean and remove their lenses every night. It is possible to eliminate this problem thanks to the advent of new and innovative materials. Air Optix Night and Day continuous-wear lenses offer the convenience of not having to remove your lenses or maintain them for extended periods of time. The lenses combine high oxygen permeability and special technologies to reduce deposit buildup. They are the perfect solution for busy people.

Oxygen availability and Air Optix Contacts

Our eyes require oxygen just like every other part of our body. In the past, many contact lenses did not allow enough gas to pass through them effectively. This caused a variety of complications that ranged from minor irritation to severe infections. AIR OPTIX lenses are made from the most advanced silicone hydrogel materials. They are designed to be as breathable and comfortable as possible. Silicon hydrogel can cause a slight dryness increase. Therefore, the manufacturers of AIR OPTIX lenses created a new surface treatment technology that allows moisture to be retained and enhances comfort all through the day and even at night.

Variety is the spice in life... Air Optix lenses are available in many versions.

AIR OPTIX AQUA monthly contact lenses are characterized by exceptional comfort, great breathability, and great hydration thanks to Alcon's Aqua moisturising formula. They come in boxes of 3 and 6 and are available in a wide variety of powers.

AIR OPTIX for ASTIGMATISM Lenses have the same benefits and brilliant design solutions as AIR OPTIX AQUA. They are completely stable and efficient in correcting all types of astigmatism.

AIR OPTIX AQUA MULTIFOCAL is an excellent option for those with presbyopia. They seamlessly blend their optical zones into one another to offer excellent vision at all distances. These lenses can be manufactured in a wide range of powers and are just as comfortable as the rest of the AIR OPTIX family.

AIR OPTIX NIGHT and DAY AQUA lenses are so oxygen-permeable they can be worn safely overnight. They can also be used continuously for up to a month. There is no need to store lenses in storage or lens care products, just wear them. Also, there is no need to remove lenses before getting into bed or before going to sleep. AIR OPTIX NIGHT and DAY AQUA are the ultimate convenience. They are a must-have for anyone who travels a lot or has a very busy schedule. If your eye doctor allows, they can be used as regular monthly contacts or extended wear lenses.

AIR OPTIX COLORS are for customers who want to experiment with new looks but don't want to make compromises on comfort or health. These are the only coloured contact lenses that use silicone-hydrogel material. This ensures that the cornea receives the maximum amount of oxygen. This is especially important for those with dry eyes or who spend long hours wearing their contact lenses. These lenses are inspired by Alcon's Freshlook brand of coloured contacts and come in nine stunning colours. They are also made with the same high-quality materials as the rest in the AIR OPTIX range. The Tints Available in Air Optix Colors can be divided into two categories, subtle or vibrant. All of these are listed below.

  • Subtle: Gray, Blue, Green, Pure Hazel, Brown
  • Vibrant: Sterling Gray and Brilliant Blue, Gemstone Green, Honey

Some colours have a more noticeable and vibrant effect on the eyes, while others enhance the natural colour of the eye. You should try them to see which suits you best !

AIR OPTIX plus HYDRAGLYDE is the newest lens and one of the most advanced lenses from Alcon. They will soon replace the Air Optix Aqua. To meet the needs of almost all lens wearers, they are available in a variety of variants: the toric AIR OPTIX PLUS HYDRAGLYDE for ASTIGMATISM and AIR OPTIX PLUS HYDRAGLYDE MULTIFOCAL.

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