Real Shades Chill - Kids Sunglasses

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Age: 0-7+
Real Shades Chill - Kids Sunglasses
Real Shades Chill - Kids Sunglasses
Chill White Sunglasses
Chill Black Sunglasses
Chill Black, Steel Blue and Canyon Red Sunglasses
Brand: Real Shades
Lovely fashionable sunglasses for infants, small and bigger children equipped with the best UV filters available on the market.


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Chill BlackChill Canyon RedChill Dusty RoseChill Steel BlueChill TortoiseChill White
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As a parent you are probably familiar with the "stylish or practical" dilemma that refers to children's outfits. Well, with this line of children's sunglasses this dilemma does not apply - they are both fashionable and incredibly practical. After all, they provide excellent eye protection for your little one, it doesn't get much more practical than that.

Real Shades Chill line of kid's sunglasses have a classic, round shape loved by both big and small and their lovely subdued colours go with practically any outfit that your child might want to wear. What's more important though is that their quality is flawless - such an important issue when it comes to children's eye wear. Their UV filters block 100% of all types of UV rays (A, B and C) protecting your child's eyes to the maximum extent. What's more, their lenses are shatter-proof and their frames are made of flexible elastomers resistant to snapping. All of these features make them an excellent choice for all children, even the most active and energetic ones.

These sunglasses for children come in an array of colours and in different sizes. Please refer to the table below to find out which colours and sizes we have in stock. NOTE: Sizes are slightly larger than expected. We suggest ordering models that are marked as lower age than your child's age.


  • Block 100% of UVA and UVB
  • Fashionable style and colours
  • Ideal for babies, toddlers, kids, teens and young adults
  • Available in 6 colourful designs
  • Hardy, resistant frames
  • Shatterproof lenses
Black0+, 2+, 4+, 7+
Tortoise0+, 2+, 4+
Dusty Rose0+, 2+, 7+
Steel Blue 4+, 7+
White0+, 2+, 4+, 7+
Canyon Red2+, 4+, 7+
* All medical and technical information is provided by the manufacturer Real Shades and all editorial content by Optyk Rozmus Eye Care.

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Real Shades Chill - Kids Sunglasses
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Real Shades Chill - Kids Sunglasses

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