2 Week Disposable Contact Lenses

A popular compromise between comfort and affordablity

What are the advantages of 2 Week Contacts?

Which 2 week disposable contact lens should i choose?Positioned between daily disposable and monthly contact lenses, 2 weekly contacts offer many ofthe advantages of both these categories. Almost as inexpensive as monthly contacts, they feel virtually as comfortable as daily disposables and assure a very similar level of eye health.

As experts point out, biweekly replacement results in absolutely minimal deposit buildup, which means crystal clear vision at all times and safety from all kinds of infections. What's more, such frequent replacement makes them a fantastic choice for people suffering from various allergies, dry eye syndrome as well as for individuals with eyes prone to irritation for other reasons (like co-existing conditions or hypersensitive corneas).

Thanks to their highly breathable and wettable materials, selected brands of 2 weekly contact lenses can be worn continuously for extended periods, which is particularly convenient for those who travel a lot on business or for pleasure. Wearing such lenses, there is no need to pack a bottle of contact lens solution or a storage case when getting ready for a spontaneous weekend abroad and your eyesight is perfect at different times of day and night.

You can choose from two popular and well-known brands in this category: Acuvue by Johnson & Johnson and Soflens by Bausch & Lomb. The first contact lens family includes a variety of options, starting with the basic Acuvue 2 and going up to a more sophisticated version with Transitions Light Intelligent Technology (Acuvue Oasys With Transitions). It also includes lenses that are designed for extended wear (Acuvue) for those who want the ultimate in convenience, and toric lenses (Acuvue for Astigmatism) for those with astigmatism. Soflens only offers one option (Soflens38). They are comfortable and versatile lenses, which can be worn continuously for seven days and nights without maintenance. They also have a high oxygen permeability which means they are safe and low-risk. As one of the oldest brands of lenses in the market, they have an established popularity and are considered reliable by millions of people around the world.

If you have difficulties deciding between daily disposable and monthly contacts, you should consider giving 2 weekly ones a try. Chances are you will not be disappointed!

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