17mm Mini Sclera Contacts

Crazy contact lenses taken to another level.

Image by neoniaartist wearing Blackhole Sun

What are mini sclera contacts?

Black Titan Mini Sclera contactsThese outstanding lenses are a great alternative to standard-sized colour contact lenses that people use for Halloween. They offer a compromise between comfort and amazing effect. Because they have a large diameter (17mm), they can create an exceptional look that is impossible with regular contacts. Your eyes will look huge when you wear mini sclera crazy contact lenses. This will instantly attract attention. These designs will make an impression on others because they are often outlandish.

This collection includes a variety of colours and designs, including bloody red which is great for an alien or vampire costume, and spooky white which is very useful for a zombie outfit. Our best-selling design, Black Titan, is plain black. They are versatile and loved by many customers who use them for Halloween costumes. These can be combined with artistic makeup or even everyday looks. Black mini sclera contact lenses are a popular choice for fans of alternative and gothic fashion.

Mini sclera lenses also come in other colours such as yellow, green, red and blue. They are all suitable for different occasions and costumes. They provide an excellent finishing touch to many artistic makeup creations. Professionals from all over the world use them for their eyes iris enlargement effects. The designs included in this collection are unique and difficult to forget. You may never want to go back to normal coloured lenses again after you give them a try.

Are mini sclera contact lenses safe?

These 17mm contacts are not difficult to use, despite their size. They can be used just like regular contacts with a bit of practice. If you want to learn full eye sclera contacts, you should start with 17mm contacts. They are easier to use than the larger 22mm ones but no more complicated than normal. Our mini sclera contacts are also made from the same FDA and CE approved clinically-tested materials as our regular varieties of contacts. This ensures proper safety and comfort. One pair can be worn occasionally for up to a year if maintained properly. This will allow you to shock your friends on many occasions.

Because of their unique manufacturing technology, 17mm contact lenses are only available in plano (zero-power) lenses. If you require prescription vision correction, then look for our standard size colour contacts. For cleaning and storing these lenses, make sure you have a small bottle of contact lens cleansing solution. A standard lens case will fit 17mm lenses. However, some people prefer to store their contacts in a large sclera case. These can also be ordered on our website.

Who wears mini sclera lenses?

Mini sclera lenses can be used when standard-sized crazy contact lenses don't provide enough of an effect. These lenses can create an almost identical effect to full-scleral contact lenses, but they are easier to fit because of their smaller diameter.

Because of their unique designs, 17mm contacts make a great choice for special occasions such as costume parties or other events that require a unique look. There are many options for just about any costume, so you're sure to find the right one. These will make you a zombie, vampire, or another monster in no time.

Imagine how many costumes you could make with our 17mm contact lenses. It's a no-brainer that zombies are an obvious choice. For this theme, both Venus and Deadpool's 17mm lenses work well. Daredevil, the red model, will make you a blood-sucking Dracula. There are many colours and designs available that can be combined with almost any theme. There's the Green Goblin, with its stunning green circles. There's also the versatile Tigera design with a yellow centre and black edges. Finally, there are Nebulos as well as Ravenous which will make your pupils appear super dilated. Black Titan is the most popular, but simple 17mm lens model. The extra-large black iris are so versatile that it is almost pointless to try and list them all here. These contacts enhance your appearance rather than dominating it, as they are plain black. These contacts are worn happily by goths, cosplayers and punks as well as regular users who use them for a variety of events. Sometimes they are used for fun, to freak out friends, and even for work.

How long can you wear mini sclera contacts?

Surprisingly this kind of contact lenses are just about as comfortable as regular contact lenses, contrary to what you might think. They are made from sophisticated, breathable, and wettable materials. This ensures that your eyes have plenty of oxygen and moisture while you're having fun. They are currently only available in plano (zero strength), so if your vision is impaired or you have myopia, you might consider wearing glasses over your contacts. They are much easier to insert than 22mm scleras and feel just like regular contacts. They are also very durable so they can be used multiple times. You can actually use them for up to one year if they are properly cared for. Make sure to clean them thoroughly after every use, and to keep them in a new contact lens case with fresh solution when they are not in use.

Why buy mini sclera contact lenses?

17mm Sclera lenses (also known as mini), which are larger than regular circle lenses (15mm is the standard sizing), are ideal for you.

These lenses have a remarkable effect on the eyes and can enhance any costume. They are comfortable and easy to wear, but they are not recommended for daily use unless you are looking to add a gothic or shocking look every day. They will make your eyes look bigger, and you'll be noticed at every costume party thanks to the crazy colours and patterns.

They are durable and can be worn multiple times if you take good care of them.

These are a great choice and are exactly what you need to make your costume stand out.

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