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Are you ready to face the zombie apocalypse this year?

@makinghell showing off our white screen zombie contact lensesSince the Night of the Living Dead (1966), zombies have made a significant impact on popular culture. Now they are present at every comic book convention and Halloween party. They even have their own parades and walks which, having been on a few, I can tell you are a lot of fun! The zombie's popularity is in part a result of the Walking Dead TV show, its spin-offs, as well as countless horror movies. There's also the unforgettable "Game of Thrones" and its super-fast White Walkers. The Night King, who is more of a lich lord rather than the usual half-rotten and slow undead creature, appears and behaves quite differently. His bright blue eyes are both stunning and terrifying. With its amazing characters, this show has elevated zombies to a new level. It is no surprise that many people desire to be like them at least once in their lifetime.

Because of the amount of makeup needed, creating the "living dead" look can often be difficult. A talented makeup artist can create the look of rotting flesh, which looks and feels like it's crumbling and exposes bits of skull or bone. But you can get away with powder, some work on ragged and tattered clothes and a pair of colored contact lenses that can be applied quickly and easily to finish the look. A zombie outfit is impossible to imagine without matching contacts or perhaps odd contacts if the mood takes you. In this case, the eyes are very much the windows to the soul, so make them freaky!

There are many choices in our zombie lens collection, so you can choose what type of walker, runner, spitter or crawler you want to be. You can go traditional white or choose something entirely different like bloody red, infected, or green. The best thing about this creature is that it is versatile and allows you to experiment with the theme. There are many options for mini sclera contacts, which can be used in place of regular contact lenses. Some designs suit the zombie look very well. You can also get full eye sclera contact lenses that will cover your entire eye surface. You can expect a stunning reaction from your friends with these contacts. If you're looking for something even more fun, UV Glow contacts are available in White and Electric Blue among others. Your zombie eyes will glow under UV light and transform you into a funky disco-zombie (or perhaps PvZ). No matter what your choice, your zombie costume is sure to be a memorable one that really stands out from the crowd.

Are zombie contacts safe?

There are both prescription and zero-power lenses available. So if you have poor vision or need to correct it, you don't have to wear glasses. The only thing you will need is a pair of zombie colored contact lenses. This will ensure that your outfit doesn't get ruined by unnecessary normie accessories. Regardless of which type of contacts you choose you can rest assured that all of our products are medical devices made to the strictest standards using FDA approved materials that you can rely on to be safe, comfortable and easy to use. Looking after them is very simple and just like any other monthly contact lens.

How to put in and care for zombie contact lenses?

If you are an experienced contact lens user, you will find that caring for and using the products in this collection are exactly as you'd imagine. If you are new or out of practice then have a look at our contact lens use and cleaning guide and our "how-to" use contact lenses with makeup. Both articles are really helpful if you need a refresher or just need some reminders on how to do things properly and safely.

Also keep an eye out for a bottle of solution as you go to the checkout. You will need it to clean and protect your contacts. You might want to try soothing eye drops if your eyes aren’t used to wearing contacts regularly or if you are going to be in a smokey environment that could irritate your eyes.

With our collection, you can quickly become a terrifying undead creature of the night with just a little creativity, a bit of practice and good care. Enjoy!

@makinghell wearing white screen zombie contact lenses

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