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Become Dracula in the blink of an eye

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With a pair of scary contacts, you can transform yourself into a vampire

@rebelprincesscosplay wearing Volturi vampire contactsSince Bram Stoker's Dracula was published, the vampire costume is a favorite choice for fancy dress parties and Halloween events. Vampires are back big time! Many people now like to put on their fangs every chance they get thanks to the success of Twilight Saga, and other vampire-themed TV shows. Creepy, colored contact lenses are the perfect accessory to a vampire costume.

In our online store you will not only find bloody red contacts that bring Dracula back to mind but also many other colors and designs that can be used to make you look like any of your favorite blood suckers. Blue contacts can be used to portray the Underworld version of the character. We also have orange and black Twilight contacts that were inspired by Edward Cullen's protagonist. For those who loved Interview with the Vampire or Brad Pitt's character, we also have light grey and very realistic white contacts. The eyes are where the most impressionable part of his magnificent Louis de Pointe du Lac was made.

This is not all. There are many options for vampire contact lenses. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. The most common contact size is the same as in standard corrective lenses. They versatile and are often used for many occasions. Just like regular contacts, they are easy to use, comfortable and familiar. There are however many other vampire-themed lenses available at Optyk Rozmus. Check out for example our mini sclera contacts with a 17mm diameter. These contact lenses are larger than usual and are available in many designs that are suitable for a vampire costume. They are similar to regular contact lenses in that they can be handled easily, but if you're an inexperienced lens user, we suggest you start with the smaller products first. This collection also includes some extremely creepy designs that cover your entire eyes which will make your vampire costume even more frightening and realistic. Although they are more complicated to use, they can really make your costume stand out. These lenses are very popular with YouTubers and makeup artists because they are like a cherry on top of their makeup creations. If you dare, try using a pair of red full-eye sclera lenses and you can be sure to win any costume contest.

Are vampire contact lenses safe?

Perhaps some vampires wear glasses, but you don't need to if it doesn't suit your outfit. All you need is a pair of prescription vampire contacts that will not only alter your eye color but also correct your vision. You'll find an excellent selection of crazy-colored contacts with corrective capabilities that are perfectly suited to your blood-lusting creation in our online shop. You will look convincing as a vampire and you'll be able to see the world clearly throughout your whole event (a costume party or a photo shoot). You can get lost in your imagination with prescription vampire lenses. They come in a nice selection of colors and designs and are available in the most common corrective powers, ranging from 0.00 (plano) to 6.0 and meeting the needs of most lens wearers. Our vampire lenses are comfortable and safe for your eyes as they are characterized by high oxygen permeability and resistance to deposits. They can be worn for up three months, provided you take care of them properly. Make sure to keep a bottle of lens cleaning liquid and a lens case at hand. Lenses that are used more than once must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use.

You will instantly feel like Dracula, Blade, or Nosferatu when you wear one of our vampire contacts. Pick the type of blood sucking monster that you want to portray and choose the right lens design. Contact lenses are the best way to make your costume stand out.

@rebelprincesscosplay wearing Volturi contact lenses

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