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Are Soleko custom contacts made for astigmatism?

Add a little romance with Soleko contact lensesEver since its establishment in 1975, the Italian manufacturer Soleko has been producing high quality contacts as well as equipment for optometrists, building its reputation among both patients and eye care professionals. Focusing not only on gorgeous designs (which make Soleko a wonderful fashion accessory), the company develops products that offer particularly effective vision correction (including astigmatism-related refractive errors) and wonderful comfort, appreciated by all contact lens wearers.

Soleko’s main product line, called “Queens”, is divided into several ranges, created to meet the needs of different people as much as possible.

Bundled with a stylish case, Queens Oros lenses are both glamorous and natural-looking, creating a fabulous effect irrespective of your real eye color. You can choose between several intriguing shades, referred to as Ash Glance, Cold Mint, Honey Gold, Mystery Violet, Noble Blue, Siberian Blue, Sweet Brown and Warm Green. They’re manufactured in a wide range of prescription powers, as a result of which they can be used on a daily basis instead of corrective lenses or glasses. What’s more, their water content and oxygen permeability ensure fantastic comfort all day long.

The Queens Solitaire, another member of the Soleko family of lenses, are three-monthly lenses that are designed to enhance your natural eye color or completely change it as well as correct any vision problems you might have (including various degrees of astigmatism, thanks to their colored toric lenses). They’re made in Aqua, Jade, Light Blue, Light Green, Pearl, Spice, Violet, and Yellow color versions. Similarly to Queens Oros lenses, they provide excellent comfort and are absolutely safe.

Queens Trilogy Toric contacts are quite unique, offering effective vision correction to all patients with astigmatism. Featuring state-of-the-art technologies for stability and reduction of distortions, the lenses represent what is currently the best on the market. To create a beautiful cosmetic effect, Queens Trilogy Toric contact lenses utilize three color layers, which blend together in an unusual way. In addition, the lenses feature a special ring around the outer edge, which optically enlarges the iris and makes your eyes look sexier. With a water content of 43%, these remarkable lenses will never feel uncomfortable or dry, giving you a sense of confidence and perfect vision even late in the evening.

Browse the collection and see which of the brilliant Soleko colored contacts are the most suitable for you!

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