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What drops can I use for dry eyes?

Feel comfort with contact lens friendly dry eye dropsThese products are also called lubricating drops for the eyes or artificial tears. They behave exactly like natural tear film and offer instant comfort and relief from dry eye symptoms. These drops are used to treat dry eyes that have been caused by temporary conditions. You can get dry eyes from things like fatigue, lack of sleep, poor air circulation, pollution, dehydration, allergy, dry weather, or even smoking. All of these factors can contribute significantly to dryness in your eyes. There are at least 5 other common causes for this as a chronic condition.

Contact lens users will find this much more unpleasant. Fortunately, Eye drops are available to save the day. Optyk Rozmus stocks a range of contact lenses and rewetting drops to keep your eyes and contacts moist. These drops can be used anytime you feel the need and the effect can last hours.

It is common to experience eye dryness from working at a computer, or any other tedious activity. Even though contact lens wearers have a greater chance of developing eye dryness, it doesn't matter which type of lenses they have. The best solution is to use eye drops that are similar to natural human tears and follow some simple steps. They can be used to lubricate and hydrate both gas permeable soft and rigid contact lenses, as well as amortize lenses before they are applied. They are very useful in cases of eye irritation or tiredness from prolonged contact lens wear.

Our collection of eye drops function very similarly to your natural tears. They are therefore very comfortable and safe. You can use non-prescription eye drop without fear if you're not allergic to any ingredients. We also have drops that are ideal for dry eye syndrome sufferers who require eye protection and hydration every day.

If your dry eye symptoms persist, you should see your eye doctor immediately. You can be assured that they will rule out infection and other possible causes of dry eyes. You should not ignore persistent symptoms, especially when they relate to your eyes.

Is it bad to use dry eye drops?

As long as the drops do not contain any preservatives, lubricating eye drops will be safe to use every day. Some preservatives are great for artificial tears. They can last longer and cost less, and they also degrade bacteria growth once the container has been opened. However, they can cause dry eyes to worsen for some people. Other people might be allergic to these preservatives. Some may also find them irritating to their eyes almost immediately.

Some contact lenses may be damaged by certain types of drops. This can make selecting eye drops difficult as not all eye drops work well with contact lenses. If your contacts have become dry, you can wet them with drops designed for that type of contact. Make sure to consult your doctor before using any other drops if they have been prescribed for you.

While most eye drops come with some type of preservative to prevent bacteria from growing once they are opened, these won't stop the spread of infection indefinitely. Ophthalmologists recommend that eye drops be disposed off within one to three months of being opened depending on the brand. Sometimes, eye drops that are free from preservatives come in single-use bottles. Hyabak uses an innovative dispenser, which limits contamination without the need for a preservative.

If you suffer any of the following, you should not use products that contain preservatives:

  • They start to irritate your eyes.
  • Eye dryness is experienced as moderate to severe
  • You find yourself wanting to use them more than four to five times daily
  • Your doctor prescribed a product that does not contain them

You might be new to the use of drops and contacts, if so, It's worth trying several brands to find the one that works best for you. You might try ab ointment if you are still not getting relief from the various products we have in our collection. They can temporarily blur your eyesight so it is best to use them before bedtime. You should not use this ointment at the same moment as your contact lenses but rather wait at least 10 minutes before applying artificial tears and your contacts. Ointments are not available for sale from us. This solution will require you to talk to your optician.

One word of caution: Certain products claim to reduce redness. These products don't actually remove redness permanently from the eyes. They also don't address the cause of dry eyes or eye irritation that is causing it. You should avoid drops that claim they can remove redness if your goal is to reduce irritation and dryness.

Eye drops can be purchased online to treat many types of mild dryness. Dry eyes can also be caused by serious eye problems, as previously mentioned. Dry eyes can be a sign of a serious eye health issue. So, when you go to your optometrist, make sure you tell them if you are experiencing dry eyes. You and your doctor can determine the exact cause to make the best choices about eye drops and other treatments. You should also have your eyes examined annually. This is just like a regular GP exam.

There are a few things to remember when using eyedrops:

Do this:

  • You should find out how long it is safe to use a product once you opened it
  • Verify the expiration date on the label
  • If you are using both eye drops and an ointment for your eyes, first use the drops. Then, apply the ointment about 10 minutes later.
  • Replace your drops regularly


  • You should not let the dropper come in contact with your eyes, or any other object
  • Do not use drops that are more than one month old or have been open for more time
  • Eye drops should not be shared with others, just as toothbrushes shouldn't be shared
  • If you feel any discomfort, stop using the drops and contact your eye care professional.

If you are still not seeing results, consult your optometrist. They can also suggest other treatment options. There are many ways to treat dry eyes, but the best thing you can do is seek the guidance of an eye doctor. We have a section on contact lens usage that explains everything in detail.

All drops in the collection are lens friendly and can be safely used, regardless of which modality. Get a few bottles to ensure you always have a supply of air for your tired dry eyes.

Always feel comfortable when wearing contact lenses

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