Contact Lens Friendly Eye Drops

We offer a range of drops designed for protecting your eyes, especially if you wear contacts or suffer from dry eyes

Drops for Dry Eyes

Our selection of eye drops also includes drops perfect for people suffering from dry eyes syndrome, who need good eye hydration and protection on a daily basis. The drops that we offer are sometimes called artificial tears as they behave just like your natural tear film, providing an instant and safe feeling of comfort and relief from dry eyes.

All of the drops in our collection are lens friendly eye drops and can be safely used without causing damage to your lenses. If your dry eye symptoms persist you should visit your eye doctor for an examination. They will be able to rule out the possibility of infection or another issue that could be the root cause of your eye dryness. Never ignore persistent symptoms especially when it comes to your eyes.

Dry eyes have many causes, some of which are not as obvious as you might think. Read the article and learn if any of these factors affect you.

For additional information on dry eye syndrome and how to deal with the problem, check out our article on the topic.

There are many consequences to dry eye syndrome and because it's a common problem, it's well worth finding out more on how it can affect people.

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