Movie Contact Lenses

Complete your movie themed costume.

Contacts inspired by movie characters

Everyone has his or her favorite movie character. Now, thanks to our fantastic collection of movie-inspired colored contact lenses, you can look just like them! In a matter of seconds, you can transform yourself into Hulk, Lord Voldemort, Thanos or Bella Swan. Add some make-up, get your hair done, put on a costume and you’re ready to be the star of a fancy dress party or comic book convention.

Contact lenses in this category include not only standard ones, but also sclera ones, covering your whole eye. If you need vision correction, you can choose from a wide variety of prescription lenses that provide the same effect as purely cosmetic ones. And all of them are made of the highest quality FDA approved materials, resulting in excellent comfort and safety.

Just choose a movie character and look around. You’ll find something perfect in no time.

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